Do As I Say, I’ll Be Watching.

Nothing gets you more excited than getting masturbation instructions from your favorite cock tease. To me, accountability is very important and I wish I could say I trust you. However, let’s be honest you have a tendency of going with your urges. You are only human and as far as that cock is concerned it wants to cum just as much as you do. When doing a guided masturbation session with a mistress, they are in control which means we’ll often tell you things that go against that urge to cum. Which is why you should let us watch, it’s the best way to hold yourself accountable. Not to mention it’s much easier to know when you are being a good or naughty little stroker. Of course you already know some of us here at tease mafia has punishments when we catch you being naughty.

You Will Love It!

Just think about it. You already love our voices leading you along with guided masturbation doesn’t the idea of us watching on top of that entice you? Knowing our eyes are fixated on your cock when we dictate your pace, “Up…Down….Up…Down…Up..Down..Up…Down”. Enjoy that thrill with us. Of course, to share a little secret with you, I find it incredibly amusing having you stroke for me on cam. So what are you waiting for? Grab your lube and prepare to stroke under my guidance. You’ll never regret enhancing your guided masturbation experience by putting on a performance!

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