Alpha Women

Okay guys, it’s that time again to drop your socks and grab your cocks, as Mistress Cindy has more kinky words of wisdom for you. I have been thinking a lot about the differences between women and men, which are many…but the way I look at it, there can only be one conclusion… women are on top. Between beauty, brains and emotional intelligence, we rule the roost and if you want to get some get sex, I strongly suggest you pay homage to this hierarchy.

You see, if females are superior and are at the top rungs of the social ladder, it can only mean men, sissies and pussies alike, must be crowding at the bottom levels. Now, I realize this sounds harsh, but I think it is a good starting point for us to have an honest conversation about the sexes.

Beta Men

I believe it is important for peace of mind that men accept their inferiority. This is especially true for those men who think they have stronger libidos than women. If you haven’t already figured it out, there are few people around who have stronger more powerful libidos than an experienced Enchantrix…if you are not sure about this I suggest you take a leap of faith and trust me on a subject that I am well familiar with.

Chastity for Control

Men believe they have the stronger libidos because they are typically crude and undisciplined. You have been fooling yourself all these years. This is exactly why I believe keeping you in chastity when your behaviors are less than ideal. It compels you to self-reflect as you are no longer able to reach orgasm or obsessing over it.

Cock Locked

Your mind is freed only when your penis is locked and under the control of a woman who knows how to modify your behaviors in a way that encourages your humility and reinforces your servitude. Guided by your Mistress, orgasm control will make you a better submissive, boyfriend or husband…and with that you too can fully enjoy a satisfying sex life with your favorite partner.

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