Strict Stroking

We are called Tease Mafia for a reason. The word is strict and no excuses. You are not forgiven if you go over the edge or break that agreement. Punishment is inevitable. Imagine that, getting “whacked” for slipping out an orgasm. What is the world coming to…hahaha. No you will not get whacked unless it’s with a ruler on your balls or the head of your cock. Simply, I will instruct you on how to stroke with a decision in mind whether you get to cum or not. This depends on how well you have performed.

Strict stroking and teasing with Tease Mafia Mistress Cassandra.

Tormented for Your Transgression

All of this will be explained before your call. You do not slip out a sneaky orgasm. I will know if you do. I will either hear your phone go mute, a sudden change in your breath, the sound of a blasting orgasm, or the click of a hang up. Being a good Mafia girl, I will not forget a mistake or a slip up and I will be sure you pay for the transgression!

How does a boy pay for a transgression? I put you in the Mafia jail for weeks of orgasm denial. I may put you in a cold metal chastity cage for a sentence. You may have to do mafia favors for me in the form of assignments. Tease Mafia is the perfect place to start a strict sentence of any fetish, especially captivity training with chastity. Get your captivity cell in order and get ready for your Mafia Boss.


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