Worship my feet, slave!

I caught you staring at my feet and legs while I was hanging out at the restaurant bar. You had no idea what I had in mind when I caught your eye and gave you the green light.

The good news is you’re definitely going to get a sexy pantyhose foot job tonight. The hungry look in your eyes while they slide from the tips of my perfectly painted toes to the top of my thigh that disappears into my too-short skirt demands that I do a little something to make your night much, much better.

But make no mistake: you’re not the only one having fun tonight. No self-respecting foot slave would ever feel right about enjoying himself unless his Mistress enjoys herself even more than him. Don’t worry, though, I’ll make sure I end up having the most fun of the night.

See, I am going to allow you to fuck my feet and stockings, and you are going to love how my silky pantyhose feels on your bare cock. I know how much of a horny stocking fetish boy you are.

You’re going to love how nasty I allow you to get sliding your dick between the arches of my feet, up my leg, and along my pantyhose covered ass crack. You’ll be humping away, smearing your precum all over my feet, legs, and ass.

Your balls will be so swollen and tight, and you’ll be so caught up in how hot your cum is going to look splattered all over my stocking legs. Don’t worry–I’m not going to deny your orgasm. At least, not this time.

You’re going to be so happy to hear I’m going to let you cum, you’ll barely care when I tell you I’m going to ruin it. A ruined orgasm on my leg is better than a real orgasm jerking off alone!

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