Alpha on TopDenial of sexual pleasure is how you become a better man!

Humans naturally organize themselves into hierarchies where the strong often control the weak for the betterment of the strong…and very often at the expense of the weak! Does any of this sound familiar to you? Or better yet, does this resonate with you in a deep and visceral manner? I think it does…if you are reading my blog…which, of course, you are well engaged in right now…I am willing to bet the kitchen sink that the strong-weak dichotomy, sometimes referred to as the alpha-beta duality, is something you know all too well.

Men are pussies and this includes you…

Submit to a Dominant Woman

When a man surrenders all control of his sexual self-expression to a woman, he is entering into a femdom relationship. If you have surrendered to me, for example, I am your superior. But unlike many alpha-beta dualities, your weakness and submission will not be used to harm you. In fact, the reason so many men willingly surrender themselves to a Mistresses is because somewhere in their minds they know that engaging in such a relationship will result in their betterment…in other words they will become better men for having submitted to a dominant woman (Mistress).

Denial for Your Betterment

I need you to drop to your knees and prepare to enjoy cunnilingus. Your Mistress deserves multiple orgasms. You may not be capable of it, but I am. I’m sure you are getting aroused at this point. I know how much it turns you on to stick your big head between my legs and taste the forbidden fruit you’ve been denied for so long.

Remember, you will be denied any sexual pleasure as I continue to train you to become a better man. I realize this may be painful at times but this is an example where the ends are much more important than the means. You are a submissive…we both know that all too well.

Now it’s up to you to take the first step forward towards your domina.


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