I know everyone always wants to go right to the cock teasing for their masturbation games. I get it, that’s where a whole lot of very pleasurable nerve endings are located, of course you want to tease your cock. However, I want you to embrace the joy of a full body tease session, and to that end, I have an extended task for you to enjoy. That’s right: you don’t get to touch that cock for me, instead, you’re gonna touch ~everything else~.

Your cock loves to be teased.

Full Body Tease Harper 800 601 7259You know this, I know this, everyone knows you love to have your cock teased. This time, you’re not going to tease that cock! Oh no, we’re gonna extend this session into a full body awareness exercise, and in the process, ramp up your desire and excitement to epic levels. How does this work? Well, your largest sexual organ is your skin, and you’re going to act like it for me. Every inch of your skin and body needs to be teased, slowly driving your lust and desire through the roof. By the time you’re done, you’ll be energized and buzzing, and finally getting to tease your cock will feel simply amazing.

What’s up with full body tease and awareness anyway?

It’s like this. If I were to say to you “don’t think about a camel”, what did you just think about? A camel. So, if I say “tease your body but don’t touch your cock”, what body part just jumped and twitched? Imagine settling in, nude, comfortable, with a nice bottle of lotion and some porn on the television, sitting back, and then slowly and methodically touching every single inch of yourself in a sensual and luxurious cascade of decadence, all while carefully avoiding your cock. Watching as it slowly filled, plumped, and started to throb, but single minded and determinedly NOT touching. Eventually everyone’s willpower breaks, but, the longer you hold out, the better it’s going to be for you.

So that’s your full body tease task, then!

You’ll want to bump the heat up a couple of degrees, and then get naked. Put down a towel or bath sheet, and ensconce yourself right in the middle of it. Grab some really nice thick body lotion, or, even better, some body butter. Because you won’t be putting this on your dick, you can select a nice scent, too! I love a good cocoa butter, but try something with some amber scent to it, or clove. Think sensual, not bright scents like citrus or mint. Sexy smells, mmm. Set up some of your personal favorite porn to watch; the genre doesn’t matter, as long as it turns you on. Now, starting with your arms, work some lotion into your skin. A nice firm touch, moving across your skin and feeling the flow of muscles underneath, and take your time, too. Appreciate the way your body feels, the way your arms move, the sensations of your skin, the way your hands convey so much information about what you’re touching.

Tease your skin, all over your body!

Alternate between firm touches, almost massaging your muscles and skin, and light, teasing touches. Imagine that when you’re touching your skin that you’re trying not to move the muscles underneath, but only the skin over the underlying flesh. Arms, shoulders, down to your pectorals and your chest. Lavish some attention on your nipples, then move on, down to the belly, your abdominal zone needs some love too! Your thighs, inner and outer, and your ass. That’s right, give your sweet ass some love! Your glutes hold you up all day, so give them some loving teasing touch. Calves, the backs of your kness, your ankles and feet… Soft touching, more firm touches, and always the lotion, gliding over your skin and bringing sweet moisture and pleasure to you.

Did you enjoy your full body tease?

Listen to the audio to find out what comes next! And remember, if you’re feeling stuck or stymied in your tease or masturbation routine, you can always give me a call and get some fresh inspiration.

Your Tease Mistress, Harper

Fetish Mistress Harper 800 356 6169

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