No one can ever fault you for having a powerful and vivid imagination. In fact, I’m willing to bet you use a lot of your energy during the day trying desperately to keep yourself from being distracted by your private erotic thoughts. You were the daydreamer while in school…the hapless boy the hot MILF teacher called upon but remained motionless in deep thought until the din of laughter by his peers finally woke him up and cut through him like a warm knife through butter. And now in the office, as a grown man who can boast at least a modicum of success…well…let’s just say little has changed over the years and we’ll leave it at that.

Cock Teased by a Beautiful Mistress

All throughout the day and throughout the week you obsessively fantasize about total sexual denial. You imagine a beautiful woman flirting with you; a beautiful woman gently teasing you and playfully toying with you only to suddenly turn and mock your thwarted attempts at expressing unbridled and primordial lust. This humiliation really hurt and hit you hard where it counts.

You’ve been cock mocked…you’ve been cock blocked…and soon you will be cock locked by the beautiful Mistress Cindy and you will love every minute of your chastity and your denial of a powerful cummy.

I already know you enjoy masturbating everywhere…in bed, at the office, in public restrooms…anywhere you can wank unobserved and uninterrupted. By giving up your control of this most precious and basic need to me, you will have made a big step toward clearing your mind and living the life of servitude you always dreamed about but were too afraid to explore.

I know you love your fantasies and want to hold onto them…but there is a big world out there ready to be explored and waiting for you. So call me as it would by my pleasure to join you in this magical mystery tour.

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