Tease Interpretation

I love that word that the word “tease” can have so many meanings for us here at LDW. Each Mistress has her own take on just what constitutes teasing.

One of my favorite ways to tease is to sit right in front of you while you masturbate. If you are on the bed, I am sitting on the end of the bed, tailor sitting. If you are in your office chair, I am in a chair directly in front of you, our knees touching.

And I am naked. Totally and completely, naked.

I spread my legs and you can see I was recently waxed. You can see the glint off my gold labial ring. And you can see the beginnings of my wet… very wet… pussy.

Teasing Temptation

Has the sexy teasing begun?

As we sit facing each other, we begin to masturbate.

While I love looking into your eyes, watching as you get closer and closer to the edge, I also love looking at your hand around your cock.

And it brings me a great deal of pleasure to direct you as you struggle not to cum before I give you my permission.

And you will obey, yes? Of course! Because you are a good boy.

Tease Turn On

Are you watching my fingers as I open my labia and push my middle finger inside me? Are you watching my middle finger go in circles on my clit? Rub my clit side to side? Wiggle my clit hard back and forth? Can you hear me snicker at your misery… how much I love this cat and tease game?

Does this turn you on? Does it turn you on as much as I love watching you jerk off in front of me? Oh, how I adore watching you, you beginning to sweat as I tell you to slow down, you begging me, “Mistress, please may I cum?” and I tell you to put your hands on your thighs and sit still for a minutes… and watch me cum.

Should I let you cum next? Or are there a couple or three more for me first?

HA! Happily, I get to decide.


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