Men are such visual creatures. It’s literally in your DNA that when you see cleavage or a sultry nylon-clad leg snaking its way toward you that you get turned on. All women are aware of this and most of us use this prowess against you. A sort of sexual jujitsu where your own strength and lustfulness are turned on its head to keep you in line.

Penis Eye Candy

It’s not often but sometimes I like to tie a man up and render him powerless. Naked, sweating, trying desperately to break his bondage but paralyzed at the same time. You see, as much as he does not want to be immobilized, I strut out in front of him wearing little more than sexy stockings, come-fuck-me hard high heels, and a garter belt. The stocking tops are cinched tightly against my thigh and the second skin catches his eye.

Like a good servant, his penis pops up at attention…completely involuntary…a result of the aforementioned hypertrophied visual response. Along with the sexy eye, candy is my perfume. Men are quite sensitive to the scent of a beautiful woman. The double dose of female musk mixed with expensive perfume is enough to drive most men mad.

Bound and Bewitched

You’re tied up, unable to move from your chair. You are naked and have a hard-on which you cannot hide. As I walk around you I feel powerful as your muscles twitch and you cannot resist the feminine beauty that is before you. The veins on your penis are engorged and precum glistens from the top. You are being trained to feel excited but unable to do anything about it until I say you can. I have you just where I want you and how I want you.

I know this is torture for you but it will make you into a better man and the world just that more peaceful.


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