It’s been said that the national pastime here is baseball. I am not a big sports fan but I love what baseball represents…the coming of warmer weather, competition at a steady pace as well as exciting finishes. Nothing like seeing a young, handsome man hit a walk-off homer in the bottom of the ninth.

Masturbation: Your Personal PastimeMs. Cindy knows masturbation is your favorite pastime.

So what’s your personal pastime? I think I have the answer to that…its masturbation, isn’t it? Like baseball, it’s something you do at a steady pace with an exciting adrenaline-rushing finish. Unlike baseball, however, it’s your favorite activity throughout the year…not just during the warm weather.

I know how important your jerk-off sessions are to you as we’ve been talking about them for some time now. I know you’re young and horny and need to be milked regularly like Mrs. O’Leary’s cow, but I want you to slow it down a bit.

More to Life than Masturbation

Fantasy and daydreaming are wonderful things, but there is also a real world out there waiting for you to participate in more often. The weather is warming up and I want to hear from you about all the wonderful things you have done. Not saying you need to scuba dive off Fiji any time soon. But how about a stroll through the park admiring the tulips in bloom and birds singing to their mates.

Masturbation is an important part of your life and far be it for me to curtail your favorite pastime, but I want to hear all the wonderful things you did and saw while out there. And if you do that and remain a good boy, you’ll know when I’ve given you permission to jerk off again…I’ll just yell “Play ball!”



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