Ms MorganDo you really know how much I love to tease you? What it does to me and my Goddess pussy is a description you will learn to beg for. Knowing that you are so very hard for me and learning how to control your orgasms and “cummies” qualifies you for some special Mistress treats when your training all falls into place. You will be learning about all the different types of orgasms that will unfold for you and how to properly administer them for my pleasure. There is nothing better than hearing a man beg and plead and surrender to me and promise me the world in order for him to be allowed to cum. Silly puppets amuse me and turn me on, and that, my pets, is what this Mistress is all about.

Exclusively Miss Morgan

Go ahead, take your cock out, spit on your hand and get diamond-hard for me. Pull up my pictures and audios and relish in all things Mistress Morgan. Imagine me in front of you in a pair of sexy tight panties and open toe black leather heels and nothing more. Inhale my scent and feel my breath on your neck as I whisper naughty things into your ears and tell you how you are going to do exactly what I say. Guided masturbation is one of my specialties. It afford us both a chance to become extremely aroused and for me to take you to the next level of control and submission. You will not be disappointed once we arrive, on that I can unequivocally assure you. Keep it hard and go to the furthest edge of orgasm for me and prove yourself willing to serve me.

Orgasm Denial Assignments

Lets play a game, my little pets; shall we? Of course you will if you want your rewards and treats. Before you call me I want you to read all my blogs and listen to my free audios. You are required to stroke every hour on the hour while reading and listening. This is a six-hour assignment so make some time for yourself. I will allow you lube but only after the first 10 minute edge. The first hour you stoke for only 10 minutes, then add 10 to each hour until you can edge yourself for a full hour for me. Pay very close attention to your body and all the sensations. When you do call me you will report your lurid feelings and perhaps if you convince me of your sincerity I will allow you one of the many types of orgasms that I use to further your training here at Cocktease Bootcamp. Remember who you serve and why you are doing this and above all learn to please your Goddess.
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