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Cumming For Ms Christine

Cocktease Ms Christine

Will I let you?….

It’s An Honor To Cum For A Cocktease

Why?  Simple, really, because we don’t usually let our pets cum.  You know that all of the excitement, all of the fun for a cocktease is watching you struggle to keep that cum in your balls.  Bringing you to edge after edge, listening to you whine, beg and plead to be allowed just one orgasm.

We Love Saying “No.”

It’s my favorite word when I’m playing the cocktease.  No.  No, you may not cum.  Not this time…or the next…or the next.  Those balls look so swollen.  Are they aching?  I hope so.  Those blue balls are a constant reminder of who owns your dick, who controls your cock.  If I let you cum, you might forget all of that.  You might actually start to believe you have control of your cock.  We can’t have that!

Should I Let You Cum

You swear to me, you’ll remember.  Now, you’ve added to your begging.  Instead of just “Please, may I cum, Ms. Christine,” it’s “Please Ms. Christine, will you let YOUR cock cum”, or “Ms. Christine, you control my cock and it wants to cum so badly for you.  Please?”  If you can truly make me believe who owns your cock, I might just give you the honor of being allowed to cum.  I will let you know, I’ve heard it all before, so make sure your begging, your pleading, your desire to give me control of your cock, now and always, is sincere.  Otherwise, you’re going away denied every time!

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