Masturbation May is Here Cock Tease Fans

Cock teasing during Masturbation May can lead to prizes!

Happy Masturbation May, you cock tease loving fans! You know the ladies of Enchantrix love to tease those horny hard, dicks until you are begging for mercy! Well, we Joins us for Masturbation May and win FREE phone sex!also like to please them, too, and during the Month of May we want all you cock tease sluts to join us in celebrating Masturbation May!

Get that cock teased over and over by multiple Mistresses and be the tease fan who speaks to the most different ladies during Masturbation May and win great prizes.

Be the tease freak that does the most minutes in the month of May, and you will also win great prizes!

There is also a writing contest on our adult social network site enchantrix empire where you submit your story, a 300 word or less erotic story, about Masturbating for you Mistress ,and if the ladies choose your story as the best, you win great prizes!

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Be Miss Rachel’s Cock-Teased Boyfriend

Miss Rachel wants you to be her cock-teased boyfriend.

You know by now that the sole purpose of your cock is My amusement, right?

Well, sometimes My amusement requires locking up that cock for months at a time, with only prostate milking once in a while to help you manage your desperation. Sometimes it’s endless edging sessions while you watch Me rub My pussy, because it’s the desperation itself off of which I feed. And sometimes, like today, I simply like to enjoy your arousal, the power My feminine charms have over you and over that cock. I don’t even need you to edge for Me. In fact, I don’t want you to reach the edge. It’s enough that I could make you beg to do so, and that your brain is flooded with images of all the other things you wish you could do.

Let’s fantasize together.

Lube up, and stroke for Me nice and slow. Let’s pretend you’re My cock-teased boyfriend. If you get too excited while W/e’re fantasizing, just take your hand off of My tease toy. Remember, I only want you stroking until it feels good, until you’re nice and horny. Not until you reach the edge.

Sound fun?

Your arousal especially turns Me on when W/e’re in public, because there’s even less chance that you’ll be able to do anything about it. Even if I told you that you could touch yourself, W/e both know this would be ill-advised. So guess what? You get to run errands with Me today! I’ve got lots of them, but you’ve only got one, really: to ensure My amusement by enduring a long afternoon of public cock-teasing!

When I’ve gotten you hard and made you throb in a public place, it’s difficult for you to evencock-teasing adjust that straining cock to a more comfortable position without letting all and sundry know that you’re stiff as a board in your pants. You don’t want to get into trouble, do you? You don’t want some blue-hair seeing the tent in your pants, pointing and shouting in the middle of the grocery store about what a pervert you are, do you?

And god forbid someone should see the wet spot you tend to make in the front of them when W/e’re enjoying this kind of cock-teasing fun!

Well then I guess you’d better control yourself! Or at least do your best!

I’ll help out by letting you carry all the bags and packages W/e’ll accumulate over the course of the day. You can hold them in front of you. But what’s better is that with your hands full of My purchases, you’ll be even less able to so much as steal a squeeze!

But of course, I’ll be stealing a squeeze whenever I take the notion. Or a rub. Or more! It’s My prerogative after all, given that your cock is as much mine as your mind is mine.

Wear a nice loose pair of board shorts. No underwear.

Oh you look so cute! Already making a tent and W/e haven’t even left the house!

Let’s go. We’re burning daylight! You drive.


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Extreme Cock Tease with Mistress Audrey

Extreme cock tease Ms. Audrey will tease and torment you!

Extreme cock tease. You turn the phrase over in your mind like a mantra. You knew when we met that I was leading you on, but you never seemed to mind, in fact you loved that I demanded instead of politely asked for whatever I wanted. You found yourself paying for my college tuition and buying me cute outfits so that I could look hot for all the well hung studs at school. You breathlessly told your friends that you’re hooked on a bratty babe. They knew I’d dug my nails in you with no intention of letting go. But then, they know you’ve never been able to resist a prick tease.

I tell you that I need sexy panties, expensive book bags, perfume, hair cuts, lots of cute shoes and we always seem to run into a bunch of my girl friends when we’re shopping. They smirk at you and give you a little slap on your behind. Around me, you’re too weak to resist the requests of my girl friends, who make you buy them makeup and lingerie and take us to expensive drinks and dinners where you always pick up the tab. You’re convinced we’re all laughing behind your back and yet you can’t seem to extricate yourself.

You Love Being Teased and Tormented

The truth is you can’t resist pretty bitchy princesses who wind you up and get your little dick hard, especially when we flirt with cute young guys right in front of you. The more humiliated you feel by my teasing, using and tormenting you, the more you spin out into complete ecstasy. When I call, you drop whatever you’re doing because you love being controlled and taking care of my every need mesmerizes you. When you get clingy, I slap you away and tell you you’re NOT even my boyfriend!

You Love the Humiliation of not being in My League

Even though you’re hurt, in the back of your mind you know that you don’t stand a chance. You want to get mad but your throbbing cock tells you I could be with her, this beauty who’s so out of my league! But you never will! I love being the ultimate spoiled princess who humiliates you and makes you surrender everything including your mind body and wallet to me! When you beg me for sex, I smile and shake my head, telling you maybe next time…and even then there’s no guarantee that I’ll ever let you have an orgasm. When you start to cry, I tell you that you can’t handle an extreme cock tease like me. Too late, you’re in deep and there’s no turning back now.


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You Shouldn’t Allow Cock Tease Mistress Piper to Guide Your Masturbation

When a cock tease like me gets the opportunity to guide your masturbation, I always make sure at least one of us has an explosive good time.

Too often, though, you’re not the one exploding!

Brave enough to let Ms. Piper guide your masturbation session?

Get on your knees and SERVE!

Oh, I realize I told you before we ever got started that you’d be allowed to cum, as long as you do everything I ask, exactly as I ask. I also realize I have a reputation for always keeping my word. You probably thought your orgasm was in the bag.

Too bad cock teases like me quite often decide the usual rules don’t apply to us, and the usual rules certainly don’t apply to bitches stupid enough to let us take control.

Control to a cock tease generally involves orgasm control, and I’m not talking some simple little tease and delay session! When a cock tease takes control, she will teach you the true meaning of control. She will not ask for permission, but instead she will turn your mind to mush. Hell, she’s so good, before it’s all over you’ll be begging her not to make you cum!

Think it’s impossible for a cock tease to make you forget your own damn name? Hah. It’s so easy I can do it in my sleep.

Once I get your hand going on your cock, and I begin purring in your ear, you’ll do anything I ask. Stroke faster….slower…..slower…..FASTER….keep going!…..get to the edge… STOP! Start again! FASTER! STOP!

At the end of it all, I simply explain how wet my panties get when a man gets so turned on, when he needs to cum so badly, and he decides to sacrifice that orgasm to me. I tell you how many times I’ve lain in bed masturbating just thinking about your devotion and your willingness to please.

And you? Well, you end up with achy, swollen, blue balls. You’ll make the decision to deny your orgasm. For me.

Think I can’t do that to you? Well, you’re welcome to give me a call and try me. 😉



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Loved to be Teased

If you love to be teased you’re not alone.

I get that it’s not for everyone; not everyone likes to cuddle, some people hate broccoli, and then there’s the anti-tease weirdos. I’m mostly kidding about the weirdo part, but also a bit serious about it. Teasing and cock teasing are just so much fun, and the way it arouses and entices strokers to the edge of orgasm certainly seems like it should be a universal experience. I suppose some people are utilitarian wankers: they want to jerk off and be done with it. But a good long cock tease is just so much fun, when you have the time for it.

love to be teased 800 356 6169For lovers of the cock tease, setting aside time for a nice long session is vital.

There’s nothing worse for a man who loves to be teased than having his masturbatory fantasy rudely interrupted by real life demands. Whether you’re trying to sneak in a little tease between tightly scheduled meetings or hoping the girlfriend stays out of the house just a little bit longer, nothing ruins a tease and delay session like the real world demanding your attention. This is why I always recommend setting out a buffer zone around your tease and denial games. Remember that humans are prone to the planning fallacy: we just plain ~suck~ at estimating how much time any given task will take! So when you’re getting set up for a nice tease session, pad your time with fifteen minutes or so on either end.

I know if you love to be teased and denied that orgasm for as long as possible that you’ve already got some favorite techniques.

Everyone has their favorite stroking technique, and probably a whole set of them! One for when you want to wank real fast, one for when you plan to take your time, one for ‘special occasions’. Some strokers, though, get stuck with just one stroke, one hand position, and never ever change. For optimal tease and delay sessions, change it up! It’s not good for you to get stuck with only one technique that works for your dick, so use a variety in your tease games. Ask your Mistress if she has something extra special and new for you to do, something to really tease your cock to the edge of orgasm. If you love to be teased, let your Mistress have the freedom to truly tease and deny that cock.


Teased by Mistress Harper

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Ms. Christine’s Cock Teasing Tools

Cock teasing with Ms Christine

You need someone who is quite skilled at teasing you…

Be A Cock Teasing Nymphomaniac

Let’s be honest, most of us cock teasing females are nympho’s!  We love sex, we just don’t want you to ever cum, because if you cum, there’s no more sex!  See the problem here?  I love having my pets get naked for me.  Then, I might run my hands all over you body, make out with you, kiss every inch of you – except your cock of course.  I may even let you lick my pussy and get me off a few times.  Then, when you think it’s your turn?  I’ll slide down and lick your dick a few times…before I put my clothes back on while thanking you for all the pleasure you’ve given me!

Edging is Crucial When Cock Teasing

Edging is always fun, and I like to use every tool at my disposal.  I might start off stroking you to a few edges, getting you all squirmy.  Then, I might just edge you using only my tongue.  Next, I slide up just bit, nestling that hard, throbbing cock, leaking puddles of pre-cum right between my beautiful breasts…and give you and edging titty fuck!  Believe me, I’m just getting started. Have you ever been edged by a pair of feet, or by having your Mistress rub her legs against your desperate cock?

Start & Stop

Maybe I’ll give you the ultimate prize dear cock teased pet. But you’ll have to really good for me. For example, while I’m riding you like a cowgirl, I might decide to slide your dick inside my warm, wet pussy.  Just a few strokes, and then, of course, I’ll have to stop and sit there and let you feel how wonderful it is…then a few more strokes, and relax.  Over and over until I’m too horny…at which point, I lift up, sit on your face and let you lick me to a few more orgasms!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine


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The Birdcage: Worship Ms. Brighton’s Ass

Ass Worship

Mistress Brighton loves ass worship, and locking up your cock. 1-800-601-6975

Chirp, chirp, chirp! All day long you sit in the custom built birdcage I had made for you, with a very different kind of cage locking up your cock. I watch you as you swing back and forth on your little swing, whistling and chirping (which to me sounds more like a really deep squawking) hoping for the day that I might let you out of at least one of those cages. Well today you are in luck. That’s right, Miss Brighton is going to let you out, because today is ass worship day!

Ass Worship for Denied Slaves

I just really feel the need to have your nice, warm tongue licking all around my rosebud, your face buried between my round cheeks. A beautiful ass like mine deserves to be worshiped, and you’re going to do just that, slut. If you do a good job, I might let you out of your cock cage. Awww, were you hoping your freedom meant you might also get that cock free? That is a privilege that must be earned. Now chop, chop! Assume the position, and eat my ass!

Is the Cock Cage Fitting a Little Snug

Yes, that’s it boy, lick it. Enjoy the taste and feel of me grinding my ass into your face. Good boy, you’re very skilled with that tongue. I hear a whimpering chirp coming from you and look down. Ah, that cock is straining to be set free. Would you like me to take the key that dangles between my perky breasts, and unlock your “little bird?” Ah ah ah! You haven’t finished licking my ass, and I’ve yet to cum from your efforts. Of course, I might not ever let you out. As a matter of fact, the chances of me putting you back into your little tweety cage are very high. But hey, at least you got to please your mistress as a treat, right little bird? *giggle*


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You Finally Get to Fuck Cock Tease Mistress Piper

You know you want to fuck cock tease Mistress Piper!

I’ll be sweet, but relentless

I have extremely good news for you! I’ve decided that today is the day I’m FINALLY going to allow you to slide your poor orgasm denied cock into my gloriously wet pussy!

No sweet boy, this is not a joke. I’m going to tie you up with your bulging cock sticking straight up and I’m going to straddle you, rub your cock head on my clit, and then I’m going to sink down on it. I’m going to ride it until I cum. (Although, admittedly I’ll have to use my vibrator on the highest speed to accomplish that last part!)

I know you can’t believe how lucky you are, because I’m normally such a prick tease! I’m going to get your dick lubed up and ready for me to fuck it.

Oh, you don’t worry about my new lube. You can see it says BARE EASE on the tube. You know what that means, don’t you? Rawr!

Hell, I’m feeling naughty, so I’m going to suck your cock too!

What? You didn’t think I was going to suck you without a condom did you? Do you want me to get all of this lube cream in my mouth? Ewww! Maybe we should just forget about me sucking you off then!

Oh? Nevermind? You’ll wear the condom if I suck you? Good boy!

Do you like to see me with my mouth so close to your bulging cock? Do you want me to suck it for you? You’re finally going to experience my special technique for yourself!

What’s wrong baby? You don’t seem to be into it! What? You can’t feel anything? You literally can’t feel anything at all? Oh darn. I got the thin condoms at the store, too!

Where did I get the Bare Ease? Oh, I got it at the salon. They put on me when I get my pussy waxed–but now that you mention it, that cream does make it kind of. . . .

GASP! You don’t think the Bare Ease made you numb, do you? Oops. Oh goodness. The label says it has lidocaine in it!

Well, don’t worry, because I’ll still fuck you. You’ll get to watch your cock tease Mistress bouncing on your dick. You won’t feel anything, but watching is almost as good as feeling it, right?


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Cock Teasing Ms. Christine Gives You More

You say “No more cock teasing.” Really?

Cock Teasing Ms. Christine will make your balls ache.

I know you can handle more!

I LOVE cock teasing a man, and getting him to the point that he’s panting and gasping and whimpers that he ‘can’t take anymore’ teasing! Honestly, if you can still form a sentence, I haven’t cock teased you enough. Your big brain is still working, and I want only that little brain, in your cock head, to be able to be operating.

But I’m Not Done Yet!

What fun is cock teasing if I give in to your needs and desires? Your desperation to empty your balls, to shoot your load? Men can’t resist teasing, but they want it on their terms. My desire is to tease you more, to turn you into a purse tease toy, where every thought, every feeling is completely focused on the pleasurable torment I am thoroughly enjoying visiting upon you. Watching that cock head turn purple and pulse, dripping a torrent of precum. Reaching down, grabbing those balls, and feeling them swell in my hand as they churn out more and more spunk. Well, not actually OUT… just churning!

You will take more cock teasing.

When he says, “I can’t take anymore. Please! Mistress!” that’s when I’m glad I have him restrained! You see, he will take more from me…and more…and more…until all that’s coming out of his mouth are whimpers, gasps and groan, maybe the occasional scream! And then, when his little brain has taken over for him, that’s when I finally finish him off and laugh while he wiggles and bucks as I drain every last drop of cum out of his tormented, blue and aching balls!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine


cock teasing

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