Cock Tease Mistress Christine Gives You a Choice

A Message from your Cock Tease Mistress

Cock Tease Mistress Christine wants you to decide.

What if I said you could decide???

Being a Cock Tease is so much fun. Even you love that complete lack of control, don’t you pet? But every once in a while, I like to give my chastity pets a little choice in how they’re going to be teased. Of course, it’s not really a fair choice, their cocks are going to stay locked no matter what they choose! It’s just a way to let them choose the particular, humiliating way I’m going to tease them and deny them today! So, I send them a message. I want you to picture my sexy breasts – you see them over there- in that sexy purple lace bra, my hands pushing them up on full display. Now visualize your chastity key hanging between my cleavage, and a message. “Tonight you can choose.”

Choose the Key

Choosing your own pleasure over me, pet? The cage comes off, for a while anyway. A good long while, full of soft, barely there cock stroking, lots of ball fondling and edging. Then hard, squeezing, rapid strokes, my hand a blur on your dick – and so many more edges. So many tormenting edges. And then, when I’m tired of you, I’ll just lock that cock back up.

Choose My Breasts

Now that’s a good chastity pet, choosing your Mistress’ pleasure over your own. And for that, you get rewarded my cocktease pet! Oh, the cage isn’t coming off, but you’ll get to worship my bountiful breasts. Kissing them, licking them, pinching and sucking on my hard, sensitive nipples. Do a good job, get me all hot and bothered, and I might actually strip down and let you worship my entire body. All while you cock tries to get hard and that cock cage squeezes off any other pleasure you might feel.

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine


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Pricktease Mistress Piper Doesn’t Offer Orgasm Guarantees

long term mistress relationship

You Know You Need It!

Just because you have been mercilessly tormented by a pricktease Mistress like me, don’t think you automatically get to cum.

I know you think you’re just going to die if you don’t get your release, but I promise you that is not the case. I don’t care if your balls are the color of red potatoes, you will only cum if I allow it. I actually prefer you when you’re horny and squirmy anyway. Men get so boring after they cum!

I have to laugh at you because you got lured in by the thoughts of having an explosive orgasm after a hardcore tease session.

It is true that tease and denial does lead to explosive orgasms–but only if I allow you to cum!

What are you going to do for me, now that I’ve gotten your dick harder than it has ever been in your life? What can you offer in return for said explosive orgasm–besides begging and crying because you’re so frustrated?

I must warn you: if you leave that choice up to me, you won’t like your options. Let’s just say things can get quite expensive when a prick tease like me allows her mind to wander. (If you don’t believe me, you can talk to the man I affectionately refer to as Mr. Five Hundred Dollars!)

So think fast and make me an offer I can’t refuse. After all, if you’re enjoying an explosive orgasm thanks to my sexy teasing, I’m sure you’ll agree that I should have some explosive fun too!

Playing with a tease like me can be hazardous; prickteases don’t offer orgasm guarantees!


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Cock Ring Vibration for Constant Cock Teasing Stimulation

Cock ring cock teasing is fun for you and Miss Rachel!

One of My favorite cock tease techniques is constant low-grade stimulation–just enough to keep you aware of it, to keep you aroused, but not enough to allow you to cum.

A frequent fantasy of mine involves you going about your day as you usually would, but with the added challenge of constant stimulation keeping you on edge! The best tools I’ve found for this type of cock teasing are cock rings that vibrate!

My favorite of these is the Embrace Pleasure Ring. It’s rechargeable and, on the lowest setting, it has the potential to tease and torment your cock for three hours! I can’t say that no one would hear it buzzing, but that might be an added bonus for those of you who enjoy a bit of humiliation with your cock teasing. Most likely, however, the background noises of any public place would keep your teasing regimen known only to you, and hopefully, to Me!

Public humiliation goes so well with cock ring cock teasing!

I’d love to join you via Bluetooth as you wander the aisles of the home improvement store, trying to look inconspicuous as that powerful silicone toy buzzed away at the base of My favorite fleshy one. I love the thought of you muttering to Me that you are going insane, that you can feel your pre-cum oozing, and that it might start to seep through the material of your pants. Maybe you should wear some in a darker color just in case!

Maybe I can even get you to say things, right there in the middle of the store, like, “My cock is so hard. Mistress, please let me beat my meat until I cum when I get in the car.”Cock ring cockteasing with Miss Rachel! 1-800-356-6169

Of course, the chance of the answer being yes would be contingent on you saying it loud enough, but even then I reserve the right to say no when the time comes. That’s the essence of cock teasing, isn’t it? Building up your hopes right along with the pressure in your balls, only to dash them and leave you squirming and desperate?

Cock ring cock teasing in the privacy of your own home!

But even if you can’t manage a public excursion like the one above, I love the idea of you and I spending some time together all by O/urselves, perhaps with you displaying your buzzing cock ring and the pulsing cock it imprisons on webcam! That way I could have even more fun with your inevitable begging!

Hands on the arms of the chair (if you know what’s good for you), naked from the waist down, buzzing audible, you beg to be allowed to stroke.

“Okay,” I’ll say in My deceptively friendly manner, “But just one.”

“ONE, Mistress?”

“Yes, that’s right. One pump of your hand, straight up and down. And then turn up the vibration.”

Diabolical, aren’t I?

And the fun thing about the Embrace Pleasure Ring in particular is that it has 7 settings! If W/e were home alone for a cock teasing session, I could entice you to try out all 7, without even thinking of letting you cum! But really, any vibrating cock ring would be good for O/ur special play. The important thing is the endless stimulation, leading to your endless desperation!

Would you like to try cock ring cock teasing? Get your vibrating favorite, and get in touch!

Listen to Me read this blog post by clicking below!


Miss Rachel, your diabolical cocktease Mistress!


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Cock Teasing – Summer Edition

Hot and Sticky Cock Teasing

It’s that time again. It’s hot, and depending on where you live, it’s sticky. Also, you’re just horny! Look at all the hot chicks running around in short shorts and bikinis at the pool. It’s enough to make you crazy. Plus, you love the cock teasing by all that bare skin, don’t you?

So what can you do to get teased and cool down? Do one of these a day, or all in one day, if you wish.Cock teasing in the summer time can get hot and sticky!

If you have a pool in your back yard, go ahead and watch some porn and edge 5 times while you are in the pool. Then let your imagination go, in the sun or under the moon.

Once you get out the pool, and you heat up again, go to your freezer and take some ice cubes and rub them on your pulsating, hard erection. Cool it off. Then, heat it up by stroking again. Rinse and repeat.

Bikini Bottom Cock Tease

If you love cross dressing, put on some bikini bottoms and go take a dip in the pool. Or, just lay around, drink a margarita and play with yourself, all while wearing those soft bikini bottoms under the air conditioning.

Print out the pictures of your favorite cock control Mistress or Mistresses. Tape them on your wall and edge to each one of them, and after each edge you DON’T cum, have a couple of sips of your favorite beer. Mine is hard apple cider!

Also, don’t forget with each step you do, you are encouraged to listen to our audios! Just go to our profiles, or browse on under audios and you will get all the teasing material you need all while you are doing all the steps above.

Have fun!


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Pass the Penis For Cock Teasing Pleasure by Mistress Audrey

Pass the Penis For Cockteasing PleasureIf you’ve ever played Pass the Penis, then you know what a delightful cock tease it can be! Dispatch lets or helps you chose as many Mistresses as you desire, and you are allowed 10 minutes with each Mistress. You are not allowed to release until the last Mistress, but of course, that’s up to her if you’re looking for tease and denial. If you just want a fun cock teasing time, then the last Mistress will make sure that your final 10 minutes will be exactly what you’re looking for.

For example, yesterday I was the first Mistress to speak with Jeffrey during a round of Pass the Penis. I knew that he was being punished for lying to a Mistress about stroking, and so has been denied release until later in the month. Imagine Jeffrey’s  surprise that I knew about his naughty lie, and of course, as a result I was extra strict with him. I instructed Jeffrey to take off his polo shirt, shorts and boxers…he stripped down to his boxers for me, but I wanted him stripped naked. He whined that he felt humiliated yet I could tell our dear Jeffrey enjoys such cock teasing humiliation.

I also instructed him to gather a pair of peach panties so that the next Mistress he spoke with could decide if he was to wear them or not. Just being stripped down for me, not even allowed to touch himself, and Jeffrey told me with a quavering voice that he was already at a 9 and a half on a scale of 10 (10 being so hard that he was coming). Of course, Jeffrey was not allowed to stroke at all during the entire 10 minutes for multiple reasons, and soon he was dripping pre-cum. I instructed him to wipe that off and suck on it for me, which he did with great gusto.

If you haven’t ever tried Pass the Penis make sure to indulge. I have no doubt that you will enjoy this cock teasing game of pleasure!

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Extreme Cock Teasing in the Virtual World: CFNM Party

Extreme Cock Teasing in the Virtual World

Extreme cock teasing happens in our Virtual World! All of the Mistresses love to cock tease, some quite relentlessly. But nakedness happens only in private sessions, not in our public spaces…until NOW.

We are having our First Ever CFNM Event

We mistresses of the Virtual World want to extend an invitation to the very FIRST CFNM event at Enchantrix Empire! This FREE event is your one and only chance to be NAKED with the clothed Mistresses in our public spaces. Now remember, for this event ONLY, you can be naked in our public spaces, so be ready to show off EVERYTHING to all! Once the party is over, the cocks are covered again!

There will be Cock Teasing and Cock Judging!

Oh yes, all of the Mistresses will have on teasing lingerie, fetish wear, sexy outfits, and likely bikinis to get and keep you hard! There may be stroking allowed. There will be time for you to show off and perform for the mistresses, staying hard as a rock! Oh…we likely will NOT allow any orgasms, just a couple hours of hard, dripping cocks!

When is this Awesome CFNM Party

When: Friday June 9th 7pm to 9pm Eastern Time

Where: Enchantrix Empire Beach

Curious about our Virtual World? Watch this Youtube Video made by Ms. Erika for a great visual. See us in action.

We will have Dashing DJ Jayden James heating up our dance floor! Be prepared to dance for and please the Mistresses! In fact, we will have dance poles for the naked men to use for entertaining the us!

If you want something to remember this amazing night by, we will have a picture taking area! Will you pose with all the Mistresses? We hope so!

There will be games to test your skills, endurance, and sense of humor. And finally we will have a cock judging contest. Will you measure up?

The Mistresses of Enchantrix Empire will be checking out and judging those naked men and a few lucky guys will win a prize for their displayed talents, enthusiasm, and entertainment value.

This is your assignment: Go to our Virtual World Blog to find how to sign up and be ready to hang out with us. Work to 5 edges, then join us!

CFNM Party

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Ms. Christine’s Group Cock Teasing

One Pet….And Many Cock Teasing Mistresses

Group cockteasing with Ms Christine

Every Cocktease loves to hear that desperate begging…

There’s something about hanging out with a group of sexy cock teasing ladies and one willing pet.  I love to have those group cock teasing sessions pretty regularly.  I let my pet arrive first, have him get naked for me, then tie him down.  It’s fun to watch his cock grow harder – and his expression get slightly terrified – as more and more of my cock teasing friends arrive and he starts to wonder just what he’s gotten himself into!

It’s a Different Kind of Cock Teasing

You see, we feel like pleasuring you tonight.  Oh, there will still be lots of teasing, hands running over your cock, pinching your nipples, fondling your balls.  Some fingers might even slip into that tight little bottom!  They’ll be edges – too many to count.  And of course, without a doubt, your desperate begging.  Ultimately though, we’re going to make you cum.  Again…and again..and again.  We’ve got all night!

The Price To Please A Cock Tease Mistress

Oh, you didn’t think your orgasms were going to be free of consequences, did you?  Of course not.  Not every cock tease is going to give you a full orgasm, some of them might be ruined.  But the real price you’re going to pay for your pleasure?  You will receive 7 days of denial for every full orgasm we grant you and 4 days of denial for every ruined orgasm you receive tonight! And don’t worry… we have a lot of ideas to tease you and make you want to cum!

So how long do you think you will be denied after tonight? I think it’s going to be more than a month! I mean, just because it’s Masturbation May, that doesn’t mean you’ll get a reprieve!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine

Listen to Ms. Christine

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Teased and Frustrated: Permanent Outercourse

Teased and Frustrated tease toyI’ve become so experienced at cock teasing that I can feel it when a tease toy is getting close to orgasm, whether I’m using My hand, My feet, My mouth . . . or My pussy. That allows Me to stop just in time, or even before he gets to that head-swelling, shaft-flexing moment!

In fact, sometimes My pussy is the best tool for leaving you teased and frustrated out of all of those, depending on how horny I am. The hornier I am, the more sensitive is My pussy. The inner labia are as velvety and enlivened as flower petals. The outer labia are slightly swollen all the time. Both are perfect for laying against an agitated cock, and teasing it to even further distraction. I love to straddle you and look down into your face while I grind on you, for My pleasure. And you, tease toy? For you there is only delicious frustration. Outercourse is O/ur version of intercourse, you and I.

You’re on vagina restriction, forever.

The warm, tight, wet depths of My pussy are off limits to cock tease pets. You should have studied harder in anatomy class. When I raised the hem of My skirt and pulled My panties to the side, telling you that if you enslaved yourself to Me you could have all of what you see that you wanted, you should have known better. All you could see was the outside, the labia. So I didn’t lie. The vagina is where you’d like to bury yourself, but that’s not what I showed you, is it?Teased and Frustrated by Ms. Rachel

Oh, I might have you penetrate Me, but only with your tongue, fingers, or a strap on that sits in its harness right above your teased and frustrated cock. I especially like those masks that fit over the lower half of your face, with a plug on one side that you hold in your mouth, and a great big dong on the other. You can fuck Me with that, tease toy, any time you like. You can watch it sink into the place you ache to be allowed to put your own dong, but you have to accept that this is never going to happen. Your longing and perpetual desperation are what make you most attractive to Me, so you are consigned to permanent vagina restriction.

Understood? Good.

Now, I’m horny. Click on the banner below to listen in.

:isten to Ms. Rachel

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Masturbation May is Here Cock Tease Fans

Cock teasing during Masturbation May can lead to prizes!

Happy Masturbation May, you cock tease loving fans! You know the ladies of Enchantrix love to tease those horny hard, dicks until you are begging for mercy! Well, we Joins us for Masturbation May and win FREE phone sex!also like to please them, too, and during the Month of May we want all you cock tease sluts to join us in celebrating Masturbation May!

Get that cock teased over and over by multiple Mistresses and be the tease fan who speaks to the most different ladies during Masturbation May and win great prizes.

Be the tease freak that does the most minutes in the month of May, and you will also win great prizes!

There is also a writing contest on our adult social network site enchantrix empire where you submit your story, a 300 word or less erotic story, about Masturbating for you Mistress ,and if the ladies choose your story as the best, you win great prizes!

For full details about this cock teasing Masturbation May celebration, check out our perks site here.


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Be Miss Rachel’s Cock Teased Boyfriend

Miss Rachel wants you to be her cock-teased boyfriend.

You know by now that the sole purpose of your cock is My amusement, right?

Well, sometimes My amusement requires locking up that cock for months at a time, with only prostate milking once in a while to help you manage your desperation. Sometimes it’s endless edging sessions while you watch Me rub My pussy, because it’s the desperation itself off of which I feed. And sometimes, like today, I simply like to enjoy your arousal, the power My feminine charms have over you and over that cock. I don’t even need you to edge for Me. In fact, I don’t want you to reach the edge. It’s enough that I could make you beg to do so, and that your brain is flooded with images of all the other things you wish you could do.

Let’s fantasize together.

Lube up, and stroke for Me nice and slow. Let’s pretend you’re My cock teased boyfriend. If you get too excited while W/e’re fantasizing, just take your hand off of My tease toy. Remember, I only want you stroking until it feels good, until you’re nice and horny. Not until you reach the edge.

Sound fun?

Your arousal especially turns Me on when W/e’re in public, because there’s even less chance that you’ll be able to do anything about it. Even if I told you that you could touch yourself, W/e both know this would be ill-advised. So guess what? You get to run errands with Me today! I’ve got lots of them, but you’ve only got one, really: to ensure My amusement by enduring a long afternoon of public cock teasing!

When I’ve gotten you hard and made you throb in a public place, it’s difficult for you to evencock-teasing adjust that straining cock to a more comfortable position without letting all and sundry know that you’re stiff as a board in your pants. You don’t want to get into trouble, do you? You don’t want some blue-hair seeing the tent in your pants, pointing and shouting in the middle of the grocery store about what a pervert you are, do you?

And god forbid someone should see the wet spot you tend to make in the front of them when W/e’re enjoying this kind of cock teasing fun!

Well then I guess you’d better control yourself! Or at least do your best!

I’ll help out by letting you carry all the bags and packages W/e’ll accumulate over the course of the day. You can hold them in front of you. But what’s better is that with your hands full of My purchases, you’ll be even less able to so much as steal a squeeze!

But of course, I’ll be stealing a squeeze whenever I take the notion. Or a rub. Or more! It’s My prerogative after all, given that your cock is as much mine as your mind is mine.

Wear a nice loose pair of board shorts. No underwear.

Oh, you look so cute! Already making a tent and W/e haven’t even left the house!

Let’s go. We’re burning daylight! You drive.


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