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Cock Tease Fun With Ms Sirena

When we talk about small penises, we’re usually talking about them in terms of small penis humiliation. Now, while SPH is certainly a favorite of mine, that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing I know how to do with small dicks. I have some other things I like doing with them as well. Ready to find out more?

Your Tiny Dick Is So Cute I Want To Tease It!

It’s a general rule of thumb that small things tend to be cute. That’s true for cocks, too. And, as with most cute things, women like me can’t resist touching and teasing them. Some women like to pet cute puppies’ ears. I like to tease the hell out of a tiny, adorable
penis. Nothing wrong with that. This might sound crazy, but I actually think guys with small cocks are even more sensitive to cock teasing than men with average-sized or large ones. No, seriously. I’ve got a theory about it and everything.

My Theory On Small Penises And Sensitivity

Think about it. All dicks have the same number of nerve endings in them, regardless of how big or small the penis itself is, right? So it stands to reason that in smaller ones, the nerve endings are closer together, which makes the cock more sensitive. I mean, that may be completely off-base, but it sounds good to me. Regardless of the actual
reason, though, I really do believe that men with smaller dicks are more responsive to being cock teased, which makes me very happy because I do so love teasing. In fact…why don’t you let me show you exactly how much I love it?

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Ms Christine Won’t Tease You


your MILF CockTease awaits…

I Have A Reputation

I know, I have this reputation – well deserved – as a MILF cocktease.  I have you get naked, while I tease you with glimpses of my sexy body, while I tell you how to stroke, and delay or even deny you the release . . . → Read More: Ms Christine Won’t Tease You

Under Ms. Andrea’s erotic control


A lot of my callers ask me from time to time why I decided to be a phone sex Mistress. Although there is no one answer I usually tell them I love conversation and sex…especially fetish sex. Answering the phone and hearing a nervous stroker on the other end eager to discuss . . . → Read More: Under Ms. Andrea’s erotic control

Ms Christine’s Favorite Part Of Cockteasing


I love to tease you…

My Favorite Part of Cockteasing

As a cocktease, my favorite part of our little sessions is denying you.  Teasing you with my body.  My beautiful breasts, my long, shapely legs, or my round, firm ass.  Of course, let’s not forget my soft, tantalizing hands, stroking up and down . . . → Read More: Ms Christine’s Favorite Part Of Cockteasing

Will You Beg to do Anything for Ms Delia?


Masturbation Mistress Delia

I am Mistress Delia, and I am a cocktease. I love showing how much better I am than you, teasing you until you beg to do anything for me, if I’ll just let you cum…just this once. We know it won’t be just this once though, don’t we? . . . → Read More: Will You Beg to do Anything for Ms Delia?

Ms Harper loves to tease cocks

Tweet I don’t believe I’ve ever written for the cocktease fans here, so please allow me to introduce myself:

I’m Harper, and I love to tease cocks. In fact, I love teasing cocks so much that I’ve whipped up some instructions for you that I dearly hope you’ll follow. Knowing that you’re going . . . → Read More: Ms Harper loves to tease cocks

Miss Violet’s Steamy Stocking Tease


Luring You In I have a thing for silk stockings.  The way they feel on my legs.  The affect they have on you, when you see them.  Not to mention when you touch them.  I cross my right leg over the left, bouncing my shimmering stocking attired leg.  Your eyes lock . . . → Read More: Miss Violet’s Steamy Stocking Tease

Ms. Christine’s Feathery Tease


Can you handle my tickling tease?

You Like Hard Stroking

But that’s not what you’re going to get.  I know that nice, firm pressure on your prick will have you edging in no time.  It would have you cumming, too, but I’m a MILF cocktease, and I know just how to handle young . . . → Read More: Ms. Christine’s Feathery Tease

Ms Alexis Takes Cockteasing to a New Level


You’ve been a good stroker-slut so far, but it’s time we start pushing the cocktease envelope. Sure you’ve edged over and over for your Mistress, which has pleased me, but I want to see what you’re truly made of.

Anal penetration takes cockteasing to a new level…

Time to pull out that . . . → Read More: Ms Alexis Takes Cockteasing to a New Level

Some special mistress treats from Ms Morgan


Do you really know how much I love to tease you? What it does to me and my Goddess pussy is a description you will learn to beg for. Knowing that you are so very hard for me and learning how to control your orgasms and “cummies” qualifies you for some special . . . → Read More: Some special mistress treats from Ms Morgan