The Birdcage: Worship Ms. Brighton’s Ass

Ass Worship

Mistress Brighton loves ass worship, and locking up your cock. 1-800-601-6975

Chirp, chirp, chirp! All day long you sit in the custom built birdcage I had made for you, with a very different kind of cage locking up your cock. I watch you as you swing back and forth on your little swing, whistling and chirping – which to me sounds more like a really deep squawking – hoping for the day that I might let you out of at least one of those cages. Well today you are in luck. That’s right, Miss Brighton is going to let you out, because today is ass worship day!

Ass Worship for Denied Slaves

I just really feel the need to have your nice… warm… tongue, licking all around my rosebud, your face buried between my round cheeks. A beautiful ass like mine deserves to be worshiped, and you’re going to do just that, slut. If you do a good job, I might let you out of your cock cage. Awww.. were you hoping your freedom meant you might also get that cock free? That is a privilege that must be earned. Now chop, chop! Assume the position, and eat my ass!

Is the Cock Cage Fitting a Little Snug

Yes, that’s it boy, lick it. Enjoy the taste and feel of me grinding my ass into your face. Good boy, you’re very skilled with that tongue. I hear a whimpering chirp coming from you and look down, ah… that cock is straining to be set free. Would you like me to take the key that dangles between my perky breasts, and unlock your “little bird?” Ah ah ah! You haven’t finished licking my ass, and I’ve yet to cum from your efforts. Of course, I might not ever let you out. As a matter of fact, the chances of me putting you back into your little tweety cage are very high. But hey, at least you got to please your mistress as a treat, right little bird? *giggle*


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You Finally Get to Fuck Cock Tease Mistress Piper

You know you want to fuck cock tease Mistress Piper!

I’ll be sweet, but relentless

I have extremely good news for you! I’ve decided that today is the day I’m FINALLY going to allow you to slide your poor orgasm denied cock into my gloriously wet pussy!

No sweet boy, this is not a joke. I’m going to tie you up with your bulging cock sticking straight up and I’m going to straddle you, rub your cock head on my clit, and then I’m going to sink down on it. I’m going to ride it until I cum. (Although, admittedly I’ll have to use my vibrator on the highest speed to accomplish that last part!)

I know you can’t believe how lucky you are, because I’m normally such a prick tease! I’m going to get your dick lubed up and ready for me to fuck it.

Oh, you don’t worry about my new lube. You can see it says BARE EASE on the tube. You know what that means, don’t you? Rawr!

Hell, I’m feeling naughty, so I’m going to suck your cock too!

What? You didn’t think I was going to suck you without a condom did you? Do you want me to get all of this lube cream in my mouth? Ewww! Maybe we should just forget about me sucking you off then!

Oh? Nevermind? You’ll wear the condom if I suck you? Good boy!

Do you like to see me with my mouth so close to your bulging cock? Do you want me to suck it for you? You’re finally going to experience my special technique for yourself!

What’s wrong baby? You don’t seem to be into it! What? You can’t feel anything? You literally can’t feel anything at all? Oh darn. I got the thin condoms at the store, too!

Where did I get the Bare Ease? Oh, I got it at the salon. They put on me when I get my pussy waxed–but now that you mention it, that cream does make it kind of. . . .

GASP! You don’t think the Bare Ease made you numb, do you? Oops. Oh goodness. The label says it has lidocaine in it!

Well, don’t worry, because I’ll still fuck you. You’ll get to watch your cock tease Mistress bouncing on your dick. You won’t feel anything, but watching is almost as good as feeling it, right?


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Cock Teasing Ms. Christine Gives You More

You say “No more cock teasing.”…Really?

Cock Teasing Ms. Christine will make your balls ache.

I know you can handle more!

I LOVE cock teasing a man, and getting him to the point that he’s panting and gasping and whimpers that he ‘can’t take anymore’ teasing! Honestly, if you can still form a sentence, I haven’t cock teased you enough. Your big brain is still working…and I want only that little brain, in your cock head, to be able to be operating.

But I’m Not Done Yet!

What fun is cock teasing if I give in to your needs and desires? Your desperation to empty your balls, to shoot your load? Men can’t resist teasing, but they want it on their terms. My desire is to tease you more, to turn you into a purse tease toy, where every thought, every feeling is completely focused on the pleasurable torment I am thoroughly enjoying visiting upon you. Watching that cock head turn purple and pulse, dripping a torrent of precum. Reaching down, grabbing those balls, and feeling them swell in my hand as they churn out more and more spunk. Well, not actually OUT… just churning!

You will take more cock teasing.

When he says, “I can’t take anymore. Please! Mistress!” that’s when I’m glad I have him restrained! You see, he will take more from me…and more…and more…until all that’s coming out of his mouth are whimpers, gasps and groans…maybe the occasional scream! And then, when his little brain has taken over for him, that’s when I finally finish him off and laugh while he wiggles and bucks as I drain every last drop of cum out of his tormented, blue and aching balls!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine


cock teasing

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Extreme Cockteasing With Mistress Piper’s Nylons

two mistress phone sex call

I’m in the mood for a tease!

You have a dire leg fetish, don’t you? You can barely stand it when I wear my stockings and oh so slowly uncross and cross my legs. A nylon tease makes you positively whimper!

Do you like that little lacy part at the top of my stockings? You know, the part that lets you know that above this line is creamy soft moist flesh? Your pupils are dilating, so I’ll take that as a yes!

I have such a treat for you. I’m going to let you feel silky nylon on that bulging and straining cock. It’s going to be such a sensual experience!

Put on my pantyhose. You heard me. Put. On. My. Pantyhose. You want to have that sensual nylon experience, don’t you?

Put them on and I’ll touch your cock. Aha! Now that got your attention!

Lay down on the bed, and let me tie your hands and feet to the posts. Now you’re my helpless little tease slut!

You know what I really like? Taking off all my clothes, except my sexy stockings and heels, and then straddling your thigh and riding it.

You don’t seem to mind it either! Can you feel my wetness soaking through your pantyhose?

And now, I take my long nails and lightly slide them up and over the tip of your cock. Ooh, your cock wanted to jump around, didn’t it? Too bad it’s all bound up in these pantyhose.

You’re trembling! Oh, that is SO GOOD. You keep that up and I’m going to cum all over your leg!

I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll tease your cock through your pantyhose, and you can try to make me cum with your thigh. If you make me cum enough, I’ll think about allowing you to have a little orgasm.

You don’t mind sucking cum out of pantyhose, do you?

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Why Do Men Crave Cock Teasing From Ms. Piper?

cock and ball torture makes me happy!

Prepare to Impress Me!

You know, I have some friends who just cannot imagine why a man like you would want to be cockteased by Mistress.

These men are used to getting what they want, because they’re not submissive bitches that like to be abused by a beautiful woman. They’d never be on their knees begging for just a lick of a woman’s pussy, because women are too busy falling all over them. But that’s not you, is it?

If a woman got on her knees in front of you, your little wiener would deflate so fast! You know that a woman doesn’t belong on her knees in front of your pathetic dicklet.

You live to serve beautiful, powerful women. Being a toy in the hands of a cruel cocktease is your wettest dream come to life. Her laugh is the most delightful sound in the world, and when your face and ears burn with embarrassment, you’re more satisfied than ever.

You’re a completely fucked up dude, but that’s okay. Cocktease Mistresses like me love that you’re fucked up and hopeless.

Teasing your cock, making you hard, horny, denied, and desperate is our purpose in life. Knowing that your balls are aching and heavy as you follow us around like little puppies hoping for a scratch between your ears makes us laugh as we glance over at you standing guard over our purses while we’re grinding away on the dance floor.

At least we let you sniff our panties at the end of the night. That’s a suitable reward for a pathetic hand humper like you.

Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy? 

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Bubble Bath Cock Tease

You’ve been such a naughty boy. I caught you masturbating and stroking that cock to my pictures without permission. So, I decided to be the hot cock teaser you were jerking off to, and left the bathroom door open, so I could give you a little bubble bath cock tease.

Cock Tease with Bubbles

You come into the house and hear the bath water running. I know you are here, because I can feel you staring at me through the open door. That’s when I turn around and say “Get in here, stroker,” and have you sit at  one end of the tub. I hand you my wet panties to  wrap around  the base of your cock and balls. Those panties are wrapped nice and tight to make sure your cummies stay exactly where I want them to, in your balls!

Alyssa Bubbles

Then I slide down into the other side of the tub until the only part of me you can see are my rosy pink nipples peeking out from the bubbles. You can feel my legs on yours. I giggle, and I rub my feet against you, teasing your throbbing shaft with my pretty toes. I say to you “Did you really think you would be able to jerk off to my pictures like that without me finding out?” I see you turn red and your cock throb.

Stare at My Exposed Nipples

As I rub my sexy foot against that horny, panty covered cock, I tell you that being a  horny jerk off toy gets you cock teased more than you ever have before. You grunt and moan “Please don’t do this to me,” and I just giggle and say “I will do what ever I want to that horny dick!” I then part some of the bubbles giving you a peak at my perfect pussy you stare and mumble “Fuck you are such hot cock tease!” I roll over in the tub, pushing my sexy ass up through the bubbles just long enough to wiggle it at you, and then I slide back down, covering my hot, wet body with the bubbles yet again.

Maybe if You Beg

Maybe if you beg to cum, I might let you fill those panties that are wrapped around your aching dick.  Oh, but that might be too easy. Maybe I will just be a extreme cock tease and keep you here by my bubble bath for the next hour. Click on the banner to find out if you get to shoot that horny load. Call 800-601-6975 for an erotic phone sex session.
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Happy stroking!

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Why I Like Being a MILF Cock Tease

Call MILF Cock Tease Mistress Hunter Believe it or not, I wasn’t always a cock tease. When I was younger, I certainly turned heads with my sexy body, but I lacked the assurance and self-confidence that comes with age, so I didn’t do much intentional teasing.

Fast forward 20 years, add experience and self-confidence, and I am most definitely a cock tease! I know I am sexy inside and out, and I know I can turn mens’ heads anyway I want them to turn. This is a powerful, heady experience.

The Power of the Cock Tease

It’s the air of self-assured confidence that makes a woman sexy and irresistable. When she’s a MILF cock tease like I am, she knows how to use it to her benefit. She will tease and toy with you, giving you a tiny glimmer of hope that you might get lucky, all the while knowing that will never happen. You know it won’t happen too, and yet you can’t resist falling for the tease.

This is the part I love about being a MILF cock tease. You know that you don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting in my panties and yet you can’t help falling for my tease and getting all turned on, finding yourself hoping against hope, that something might happen. Because of that hope, you will do pretty much anything I ask you to do, thinking it will get you one step closer. Of course, I’m sure you notice that every time I ask you to do something for me, I just happen to be standing in a position where you can catch a glimpse of my cleavage or my upper thighs as my skirt slides up on my leg. Those aren’t coincidences. Those are calculated moves designed to give you the irresistable urge to do whatever it is I am asking you to do.

Oh, how I love being a MILF cock tease!!


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A Sensual Cock Tease by Mistress Alexis

Alexis Cocktease MistressI know a great way to really spice things up when it comes to a sensual cock tease. Oh yes, it CAN get better. And it usually starts with a little public action, woo hoo! The beauty of cock teasing is that it can happen virtually anywhere. If the woman knows what she is doing, she can manage to make that cock raging hard well out of your control.

Dining out with a cock tease.

When stopping in at a posh restaurant on date night I ALWAYS opt for a booth. That means just enough privacy along with just enough public exposure to work my magic.

Nobody will notice my fingertips walking along your upper thigh toward your crotch. Or will they? Your pulse begins to race. It’s all you can focus on. My hand always seems to pull away just when your “green light” pops on.

Wicked women love to tease cocks.

So cruel of me, I know. But let’s take it even further. Imagine we’re co-workers at a meeting sitting side-by-side. Am I intentionally crossing my legs like that? Do I mean for that little hint of stocking top to show? How hard is it to hold a pen, really? What irritates you most is the fact that I’m as cool as a cucumber.

I make it look sooooo easy, don’t I? Meet me in the supply closet post-meeting? Haha, just kidding! You totally wanted it though. Can’t get enough sexy cock tease action? Then check out my phone sex Mistress blog for more stories.


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Cock Tease Date Night – Part Two

Cocktease Bootcamp meets dating Simone part 2

Cock tease date night with Mistress Simone

Cocktease Bootcamp!

We had a nice date, and I have mentioned that we should go back to your house and watch netflix and just chill out. I have been teasing your cock all afternoon without mercy. You are so turned on you hardly know what to do with yourself. Now, you are finally taking me back to your place.

I insist, of course, on driving myself, since I am Ms. Independent.

So, we stop off at my place first, where I insist you come inside. You watch me as I undress into something more comfortable. The teasing is driving you mad with lust. You feel you practically have blue balls while you watch me. I take off my dress and replace it with a pair of short shorts and a t shirt. Then, I throw on some tennis shoes. I then grab a bag and throw my toothbrush and some various other clothes in it.

You are now super excited seeing me putting together an overnight bag.

You are Finally going to get laid you think!

You watch as I bend down to get stuff that I’ve dropped and didn’t miss the pack of magnums that I throw in the bag for good measure. I follow you back to your place and I insist that you actually put on Netflix. We watch it curled up on the couch and you feel me pull out your cock and smile.

Oh, how cute.” I say as I fondle your cock for the first time.

I rub it a little more then place it back in your jeans. I then tell you how super horny I am while playing with my phone. You see I am looking at pictures of men on my phone while I place my hand in my shorts. You kiss my neck and whisper to me that I don’t have to play with myself alone and that you can help. This is when you pull down your jeans and start to get completely naked. I stop you of course, and tell you I want you in your boxer briefs.

I smile at you affectionately and straddle you.

I rub my pussy lips all over your briefs as I bounce up and down on you. I don’t actually insert you inside of me. I just rub myself against you, insanely teasing your cock some more. You rub my breasts and pull up my t shirt to suck on my breasts.

This sends me over the edge and I cum.

I then roll off the couch and get dressed while texting on my phone.

You look sad and ask me what I’m doing while your hard on begins to slowly shrink.

I grab my bag and kiss you on the cheek.

“My boyfriend just texted me and I’m spending the night over there.”

I LOVE this cockteasing roleplay!

Wanna Play?


Mistress Simone

Listen to Ms. Simone

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