Mistress Courtney’s Masturbation Interviews

The Masturbation Interviews

Hey, strokers! Have you heard about Mistress Courtney’s Masturbation Interviews? Sexy interviews with voluntary participants, sharing their masturbation experiences. Yes, even YOU can be interviewed, if you so choose. Read THIS for details on how you can have your masturbation story shared. Ms. Courtney loves hearing from you!

Masturbation Interviews - Share your masturbation experience.

Ms. Courtney of The Masturbation Interviews


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Mindfuck Cocktease Flirt With Mistress Piper

mind fuck ass worship

Worship Your Cocktease Queen!

How could any true cocktease play with your cock while leaving your mind untouched? Every true cocktease starts and ends with a mindfuck.

I’m assessing the situation before you’re even aware you’re my mark. I have you read, categorized, and have decided on a full plan of attack by the time your gaze has made its way from my pretty toes up to my short skirt that ends just below my supple round ass cheeks.

And yes, you should be aware that my sexy juicy ass factors heavily in my strategy to own you.

You’ll do anything to get me to bend over and allow you to bury your face in my sweet smelling, pillowy ass, won’t you? Of course you will.

So let’s just get that established from the outset. You are no longer making the rules. You signed away your control the second your overeager dick tented your khakis.

And speaking of your overeager dick–keep your groping hands off of it. You won’t be stroking it anytime soon, because extreme cockteasing starts with extreme cock control.

If you want me to allow you to touch your peter, first you will please me. We can start with that wagging tongue–stop begging to masturbate and use it for much more constructive purposes!

Ah yes! An earnest tongue on my regal puckered rosebud is a sweet little sacrifice a Mistress like me can appreciate. Why are you stopping? I didn’t tell you to speak! Keep your mouth where it belongs and show me how well you understand how to worship a cocktease like me!

If you do a good enough job, I might even allow you to hump my ass like the sweet little frustrated tease boy you are–but you will clean up anything that oozes out of that desperate cock immediately!

Good boys always clean up their cum when they leak on a cocktease, or suffer the consequences!

Listen to Ms. Piper

Visit Ms. Piper ‘s Blog: http://yournaughtylover.com/

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Humping Masturbation is Your Only Release

Humping masturbation is on the menu for our next round of conditioning. I know you’ve been stroking and cumming for a long time, perhaps even tried different strokes or playing with or making your own toys. Lots of guys have done that. Some even love to hump as a form of masturbation. But far and wide, most love to pump that stroke stick to orgasm. Well, that’s all going to change today.

Masturbation Humping Rules

No touching my cock, period, outside of sessions and tasks. For the entire pre-arranged training period. You have exactly 3 seconds twice a day to clean the little bugger, that’s it! If you must arrange the package when sitting down to pee, use back of the hand, fingers, knuckles only.

Learn to edge My cock how I say, humping whatever I say! See? Simple! Rules, even a long-term tease and denial pet, in a months arousal fog can keep in mind.

Guided Masturbation Humping Goals

Humping cock tease

Humping Cock tease

Your goal is to like it, whatever it is! Be able to get to the edge and stay on the edge for as long as I say! Don’t worry, we’ll delay that orgasm for as long as it takes for that marble counter top to feel ooooh so good! 💋

Training will start out easy and grow in difficulty. Week one, humping into a pocket pussy between two pillows. Easy for most. Next week, stroking My cock along a satin pair of panties, as they lay on the corner of the table might prove a bit harder.

Oh, wait! I learned about a unique way to masturbate My cock recently. Not exactly humping, but this technique is such a different way of cock teasing, so frustratingly delicious that I am going to include it in the lesson plan!

Now, don’t be naughty. You know you have to call me to find out how. I bet no one else can cum this way! Wanna see?


Who wants to play?

Cocktease Bootcamp Mistress Erika
Intelligent Phone Fantasy



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Cock Control by Cocktease Ms. Olivia

Yes, I’m a cocktease.Experienced Mistress Olivia cocktease 1-800-601-7259

Okay, I said it. When I was younger I really thought that cocktease or pricktease was a bad thing. Not. Any. More. ~laughs~ Now, I want to see just how crazy horny I can make you.

Smart women love cock control.

Oh sure, I love the build-up and the tease. That’s sexy and hot. But, there’s another reason why I love tease and denial. I’m a Femdom so part of my thrill is the power exchange but even a woman who doesn’t know about TPE should do the tease only. Why? I’ll let a horny, aching tease pet tell you:

After a man climaxes what happens? He falls asleep. Hahaha. He loses interest in satisfying anything else. The rush of being on the edge of cumming is over. Contentment. Hey, I love an orgasm. Don’t get me wrong. They feel great, I’d cum everyday if I could. But for me the tease and denial is better. That constant state of being horny. Like a cat in heat rubbing against the rug moaning and groaning. That’s what I want. Aching and blue balls.

You’re going to get a cock control assignment.

Today, it will be an audio assignment. Enjoy. ~laughs~ Let me know exactly how this makes you feel. I want to know if your balls are full and aching. I want to hear you BEG. IF … if … if … you are appropriately needy I might say you can cum … but then again … probably not. Why? Because when you’re horny, I have for fun!

Here’s the cocktease bootcamp audio assignment.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms. Olivia

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Mistress Daphne: Always a Cock Tease

Rub your cock for me - 800-601-6975I’m going to stand here in my tight little black dress that barely covers my ass and shows half my tits as I watch as you get naked for me.

Do a striptease.

Nice and slow while I watch, maybe take a few pictures to keep on my phone. I’ll even put some slutty music on for you!  That’s right, rub your cock for me… make it hard. Then, as you unbutton, then unzip, then lower your jeans and shorts, I get to watch your cock jump out and say hello to me.

Now I need to say hello to your dick, don’t I?

I lean over, my breasts nearly spilling out of my dress, and I come face to face with the head of your dick. You can feel my breath I am so close. I seductively smile up at you before backing away, not touching you. At. All.  Now, come sit by me. Here, on this chair. I’ll sit right across from you. Our knees touching. I hike my dress up just a teensy bit more, enough so you can see the tops of my thigh highs… and that I have no panties on. Aren’t I a naughty girl?

Now stroke for me. Don’t you fucking cum, boy. I mean it. DO. NOT. CUM.

I slide my right hand down to my knee, grazing yours, before pulling back up onto my inner thigh. I scootch a bit so I can bring my skirt up higher still, giving you a glimpse of my neatly landscaped pussy.  Like that? I ask.

My fingers drag from inner thigh to that spot right before the labia… then I take my forefinger and thumb… and open my cunt lips.  I see you’re beginning to have pre-cum and I remind you harshly not to cum without my permission.  We look each other in the eye as the tip of my middle finger finds my swollen clit.  You better not cum without my approval!

(Fuck, I love teasing you!)

Listen to Ms. Daphne

Visit Ms. Daphne’s Blog: http://enchantrixdaphne.com/om

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Cocktease Pantomime with Miss Rachel

Miss Rachel is a cocktease! 1-800-356-6169What would you most like to do with Me?

Oh! You’d like to fuck Me?

Just My pussy, or would you like to fuck My mouth, tits, and ass as well?

Everything, huh?

Well, your cock is big enough to suit My tastes, and I do find you attractive. I think W/e’ve got good chemistry, too. But there’s still an element or two about which I need some assurance: how well W/e’ll fit together, and more importantly, your moves!

It’s about the size of the ship AND the motion in the ocean!

Yes, you’ve got a nice cock, but that doesn’t mean you know how to use it! Fucking is more than just in-out, in-out. I need to know how you’re going to work that cock to maximize My pleasure. I need to know how well O/ur bodies will fit together, and when it’s My turn to work it, whether you know how to move with Me.

Let’s just pantomime a bit, shall W/e? A little dry humping as a dry run. Let’s try out some positions and see how they work!

You go ahead and get naked since you’re bound to get a little warm with the exertion. I, on the other hand, might get cold, since you’ll be doing most of the work. I’ll wear a tee shirt and My thong.

Now, what’s most important is the way you move your body, not the way you move your cock. Besides, if you do too much direct grinding, you’re liable to get chafed. W/e don’t want that, do W/e? Just keep the contact light.Miss Rachel loves to cocktease! 1-800-356-6169

Pick your positions for this cockteasing pantomime!

You’ll be happy to know that I’m very flexible. I know you’ve fantasized about bending Me into all kinds of crazy positions while you stuff your cock into My tight holes. Don’t be shy! Tell Me which ones you’ve thought about most while you’ve touched yourself, and W/e’ll practice them all.

Wow, you’re really hard! These are new panties though, and the tee shirt is one of My favorites, so if you make a mess on them it will turn Me right off! I didn’t say W/e could definitely fuck. I said if I like the way you move, W/e might. So you’ll want to keep control of yourself. Concentrate on your moves, and not on cumming.

What does My necklace say? Oh! I didn’t realize you couldn’t see it clearly. It says “cocktease”. But don’t let that dissuade you. I’m super horny right now and could really use a good pounding!


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Princess Andi uses her cute ass to tease you

ass worshipI love how you can’t stop staring at my cute ass. These little orbs of flesh are like magic. You are obsessed with being able to bury your head under my skirt and worship my ass.

I love being a cock tease and my beautiful ass is going to tease you purple and keep your balls horny. I am going to use my ass to tease that cock. First I am going to grind my ass all over the front of your pants, hee-hee. You like that don’t you? Like how I push my beautiful ass against your hard on? Too bad your pants are still on!

Strip down for me.

Strip down for me. Take off every stitch of clothing and drop to your knees. Wow. Your dick is so hard! I love it! You really did enjoy my ass grinding against your crotch! Now I want to hear you beg. Beg for me. Beg me to worship my ass. No. Stop right there. I said beg me to worship my ass NOT for you to have an orgasm. Your only concern right now is pleasing me. Forget about how horny you are, hee hee. Do your best to ignore the ache, because you are here to lick and worship my ass. And never forget I am always worth the ache!!!! Always!

Worship my ass

Remember don’t touch yourself while touching me! I know how hard that is to do but, like I said, I am worth the ache! Massage my ass and if you do a good job– I will spread my cheeks and let you sniff my asshole and lick it. Wouldn’t you like that?

From the looks of your hard, purple dick and how it is leaking precum everywhere– I will take that as a yes!

Visit Ms. Andi’s Blog: www.phonesexprincessblog.com/

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You Can’t Resist Cocktease Mistress Piper, And You LOVE It!

cocktease prison

Surely You Can’t Say No!

You’d think a smart man like you would run like hell from a woman’s cocktease prison, but you wouldn’t walk away, even if I’d allow it.

Women like me know exactly how to use your cock to put the cuffs on you and lock you away. In those rare moments when you’re in your right mind, you like to pretend you’re the master of your destiny, but you know you’re lying to yourself.

I let you pretend I’m not going to mindfuck you relentlessly with my short shorts, my skimpy top, and my little hard nipples poking out.

You don’t even mind being mindfucked. It’s the only kind of fucking a pricktease princess like me is going to be doing with you!

So you just go ahead and get your little pecker out. You know you want to. It’s all nice and hard, just the way I like it. You want to play with it, right?

If you play with it, I’ll flash you my tits. If you get me really nice and hot, I might be forced to pull down my panties and rub my wet pussy. I’d hate for you to miss that, and I know you would too!

So why are you just standing there? Don’t you want to see my cute little nips? They’re nice and hard for you. You’ve got me all excited!

Now that’s my good boy. Oh, I wish you could feel how wet I am! I can’t stop watching you stroke for me. I’m mesmerized!

Hold on now! Slow down! Don’t let me dirty talking make you cum so quickly! Oh Darn! You never even got to see my boobies! Awww. Poor thing.

You must be so embarrassed, my sweet premature ejaculator. It’s tough being tormented by a pricktease, isn’t it?

Listen to Ms Piper

Visit Ms. Piper ‘s Blog: http://yournaughtylover.com/

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Cock Tease Mistress Christine Gives You a Choice

A Message from your Cock Tease Mistress

Cock Tease Mistress Christine wants you to decide.

What if I said you could decide???

Being a Cock Tease is so much fun. Even you love that complete lack of control, don’t you pet? But every once in a while, I like to give my chastity pets a little choice in how they’re going to be teased. Of course, it’s not a fair choice; their cocks are going to stay locked no matter what they choose! It’s just a way to let them decide which particular, humiliating way I’m going to tease them and deny them today! So, I send them a message. I want you to picture my sexy breasts – you see them over there- in that sexy purple lace bra, my hands pushing them up on full display. Now visualize your chastity key hanging between my cleavage with the message, “Tonight you can choose.”

Choose the Key

Choosing your own pleasure over me, pet? The cage comes off, for a while anyway. A good long while, full of soft, barely there cock stroking, lots of ball fondling and edging. Then hard, squeezing, rapid strokes, my hand a blur on your dick – and so many more edges. So many tormenting edges. And then, when I’m tired of you, I’ll just lock that cock back up.

Choose My Breasts

Now that’s a good chastity pet, choosing your Mistress’ pleasure over your own. And for that, you get rewarded my cocktease pet! Oh, the cage isn’t coming off, but you’ll get to worship my bountiful breasts. Kissing them, licking them, pinching and sucking on my hard, sensitive nipples. Do a good job, get me all hot and bothered, and I might strip down and let you worship my entire body, all while your cock tries to get hard, and that cock cage squeezes off any other pleasure you might feel.

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine


Listen to Cock Tease Mistress Christine

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