A Prick Tease

As a prick tease Mistress , I most often like to deny you your orgasms. I may only deny you for the duration of a session, or I may deny you for days, weeks or even months. All that time, I tease you. You look at my body by staring at the pictures on my blogs. You listen to my sexy exotic voice when you call your phone Femdom. You watch me with my boyfriends – or my girlfriends – and wish you were them. Sometimes it is so …hard…to come up with new ways to tease you.

Routine teasing

I know you don’t get bored when I play with you. Your hard cock lets me know that. Doesn’t it become a routine though? I know you love watching me jill myself off, moaning while I plunge my fingers in and out of my sopping pussy and using my Hitachi Magic Wand until my clit is so sensitive I can’t stand the vibrations anymore. I tease you by only letting you taste my juices from my fingers. You love it when I tease you, stroking you with my magic hands and rub your hard cock on my body until I either leave you there with aching blue balls and lock you back up in your chastity device,or let your cum dribble out in a ruined orgasm. In any case, I never let you have true release. Don’t you ever long for something different?

Your Assignment

I want you to do some work here. Tell me how you want to be teased! Let me know all your deep and dirty little secrets. I promise I will use them against you! Do you want me to dress you up as a little sissy and make you sit in a chair at the end of my bed while my big black bull ravishes me? Do you want to be a peeping tom, watching me through your curtain? I know! You just want me to play with your locked up dick while I tell you stories of how every one of your friends has had me in ways you can’t even imagine, knowing your lot in life is to just suffer with blue balls for your sexy Mistress. Comment here, send me an email, or better yet, give me a call. I just might make your teasing fantasy a reality!

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