So many of you have the infamous Fleshlight. Several types are available, and it doesn’t matter which one you own, I want you to fuck that tube for me with style, and I will tell you how to do it.

Fleshlight-ing for Mistress

Get naked, boy, shave that private area and your ass crack too. Get your moves down, you are gonna dance for me, belly moves, cock stroking to the beat of a favorite tune. If you have a variety of Fleshlights, line them up and get them wet. There will be a chorus line! Do you have nipple clamps with tassels? Plain will do. I want a show. I pray you have tassels along with a butt plug with a tail. A pig tail is most perfect. I also want a paddle for your ass. Earn the right to stroke for me while you are in the Fleshlight! Slap your dick before you engage with the tube.

Fleshlight Teasing

If you can manage this, put your Fleshlight in a vice and fuck it while it is secured. Your hands can be used to fuck your ass with that buttplug or dildo. Let’s begin by going down the line with each fleshlight, teasing to an edge with each one. Only have one? Too bad for you, my heart bleeds. This will teach you to have more than one toy.

A boy sitting on his butt plug is always intriguing, so when you get tired after your dancing exhibition, your ass will be engaged. This is an exercise in coordination. entertain and do not cum. You didn’t record your performance you say? Start all over from square one and record. Otherwise it is meaningless! Everyone knows that!


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