Tease Mafia manages your cock.

Tease Mafia means your cock is under close watch by a Tease Mafia Mistress. You are owned and controlled in the strictest fashion to be sure you do not cum without permission. You are ordered to do tasks and assignments to earn your orgasms. If you do not abide by Tease Mafia’s rules, you will be in orgasm denial for a very long time. You may even “be sent for.”

In other sent for terms it’s time to earn a merit or a reward. The gift of cumming should Mistress so decide. Can you do it? Let’s begin. This essay is a fantasy role play, now imagine this as you stroke “My” cock.

Lack of permission leads to punishment.

You have been locked in your house for past infractions. You stroked your cock without permission three months ago, and this whole month has been punishment. I know because I had cameras hidden in every room, and they are intact to this day. Guess what I saw? Oh yes, porn watched excessively, edges done with three orgasms recorded. For the three orgasms recorded, your sentence was three months. This is the final day of the three. Do I think you have atoned for your misdeeds?

Use your fleshlight to stroke your cock situated in front of the hidden camera near the flower vase. If you do not have a flesh light, use your lubed up hand. Watching you on camera will determine. If your stroking is sincerely done in a hot and horny manner, I just may let you cum. After one hour of edging and stroking, hit the banner below to see if you get the reward.


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