Want to be collared, leashed, and teased by Miss Rachel? 1-800-356-6169As My slave, your rightful position is at My feet. It’s true, I do get a thrill from keeping you controlled and frustrated, but more than a slave I guess I think of you as a pet. That’s why I like you on all fours, collared and leashed, so you can follow Me around wherever I go!

Now, part of what makes leading you around this way so alluring is that you can’t really touch your cock. Not without stopping O/ur progress as W/e make O/ur way down the street, through the mall, or around the house. And you know there are consequences for that anyway, touching yourself without permission.

That doesn’t mean, of course, that I don’t enjoy making you desperate to do so!

It’s just a coincidence that I like to wear tiny and short skirts, sometimes with panties and sometimes without, and that you’re at the perfect vantage point to get an upskirt view of  that which you can’t have!

I accept the fact, however, that pets tend to have curious and wandering noses, so sometimes I may take up the slack on your leash, pull you in close behind Me, and let you take a nice, deep, inhale.

I didn’t say anything about letting you masturbate while you do.

You can certainly beg, but the chances of a YES are slim!

I know that having My round, firm ass in your face all day makes it difficult for you to be good, and nextWant to be collared, leashed, and teased by Miss Rachel? 1-800-356-6169 to impossible when I let you press your nose right up against My camel toe. But it makes Me so happy, so titillated, for you to debase and deny yourself for Me this way!

Sometimes, after a day of walking you about, I’m SO titillated by your desperate moans, the tent in your nice tight underwear, and the big wet spot in the front of them, that I may have you don the dildo mask, pull the crotch of My panties to the side, and fuck My pussy!

You’d better not touch that cock though. If you’re masturbating, that’s just that much attention and focus that you aren’t devoting to making sure I’m satisfied!

Maybe W/e should get the mask that fits just over your nose and cheekbones, so that your mouth is free. That way you can switch back and forth between fucking My pussy and licking My clit! That’s sure to make Me cum really hard!

And when I’m satisfied, the chances of orgasm for you are that much better! Not guaranteed, no. Never guaranteed.

But better!

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Miss Rachel


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