Guided Masturbation with Miss Rachel can be explosive! 1-800-356-6169Sometimes I forget that Our Tease Mafia site is meant to attract fans of guided masturbation. Guided masturbation fans are often looking for a companion on their stroking adventures rather than a ball-breaking Domme.

I understand that, and though My reputation for the more hard-core side of Femdom life is well-established, I want you to know that you and I can still go on a sensual and scintillating journey together.

As long as you continue to know My place, if not your own.

You don’t need to consider yourself submissive to stroke for Me

But you should consider yourself respectful, and ready to be, well, guided. That is an integral part of guided masturbation after all.

Not into calling Me “Mistress”? Rachel is fine.

But don’t call Me “baby”, or anything else that could characterize the type of familiarity you’d show to a woman you’re hitting on at a bar after three or four rounds have gone down. I do want you to picture Me as a friendly guide, but One who directs from a throne, not a bar stool.

Sometimes, I will admit, when I watch a man stroke for Me and W/e have a particularly friendly rapport, W/e might get a little cozier. But when that happens, it’s because I’ve stepped into his psychological bubble, not he into Mine.Guided Masturbation with Miss Rachel can be explosive! 1-800-356-6169

You can handle that, can’t you?

Watching a man stroke?

Why, yes. Didn’t you know that was an option?

I love to have a man stroke for Me, touching himself the way I direct, hearing his moans and sighs. But watching him via webcam kicks it up a notch.

Are you an exhibitionist? Particularly proud of your throbbing member? Well then, by all means, show it off! Add Me on Skype at enchantrixrachel, and W/e’ll add a visual wrinkle to O/ur time together!

Aww. Have I scared you? Maybe a little taste via audio will show you that, although I have My etiquette requirements when guiding your stroke session, the goal is still an explosive orgasm for you.


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