Miss Rachel is a cocktease! 1-800-356-6169What would you most like to do with Me?

Oh! You’d like to fuck Me?

Just My pussy, or would you like to fuck My mouth, tits, and ass as well?

Everything, huh?

Well, your cock is big enough to suit My tastes, and I do find you attractive. I think W/e’ve got good chemistry, too. But there’s still an element or two about which I need some assurance: how well W/e’ll fit together, and more importantly, your moves!

It’s about the size of the ship AND the motion in the ocean!

Yes, you’ve got a nice cock, but that doesn’t mean you know how to use it! Fucking is more than just in-out, in-out. I need to know how you’re going to work that cock to maximize My pleasure. I need to know how well O/ur bodies will fit together, and when it’s My turn to work it, whether you know how to move with Me.

Let’s just pantomime a bit, shall W/e? A little dry humping as a dry run. Let’s try out some positions and see how they work!

You go ahead and get naked since you’re bound to get a little warm with the exertion. I, on the other hand, might get cold, since you’ll be doing most of the work. I’ll wear a tee shirt and My thong.

Now, what’s most important is the way you move your body, not the way you move your cock. Besides, if you do too much direct grinding, you’re liable to get chafed. W/e don’t want that, do W/e? Just keep the contact light.Miss Rachel loves to cocktease! 1-800-356-6169

Pick your positions for this cockteasing pantomime!

You’ll be happy to know that I’m very flexible. I know you’ve fantasized about bending Me into all kinds of crazy positions while you stuff your cock into My tight holes. Don’t be shy! Tell Me which ones you’ve thought about most while you’ve touched yourself, and W/e’ll practice them all.

Wow, you’re really hard! These are new panties though, and the tee shirt is one of My favorites, so if you make a mess on them it will turn Me right off! I didn’t say W/e could definitely fuck. I said if I like the way you move, W/e might. So you’ll want to keep control of yourself. Concentrate on your moves, and not on cumming.

What does My necklace say? Oh! I didn’t realize you couldn’t see it clearly. It says “cocktease”. But don’t let that dissuade you. I’m super horny right now and could really use a good pounding!


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