ass worshipI love how you can’t stop staring at my cute ass. These little orbs of flesh are like magic. You are obsessed with being able to bury your head under my skirt and worship my ass.

I love being a cock tease and my beautiful ass is going to tease you purple and keep your balls horny. I am going to use my ass to tease that cock. First I am going to grind my ass all over the front of your pants, hee-hee. You like that don’t you? Like how I push my beautiful ass against your hard on? Too bad your pants are still on!

Strip down for me.

Strip down for me. Take off every stitch of clothing and drop to your knees. Wow. Your dick is so hard! I love it! You really did enjoy my ass grinding against your crotch! Now I want to hear you beg. Beg for me. Beg me to worship my ass. No. Stop right there. I said beg me to worship my ass NOT for you to have an orgasm. Your only concern right now is pleasing me. Forget about how horny you are, hee hee. Do your best to ignore the ache, because you are here to lick and worship my ass. And never forget I am always worth the ache!!!! Always!

Worship my ass

Remember don’t touch yourself while touching me! I know how hard that is to do but, like I said, I am worth the ache! Massage my ass and if you do a good job– I will spread my cheeks and let you sniff my asshole and lick it. Wouldn’t you like that?

From the looks of your hard, purple dick and how it is leaking precum everywhere– I will take that as a yes!

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