I love being a Cocktease and I love hearing my pets grunt and groan in need for me – what MILF Cocktease doesn’t?  So, here are my top three ways to cocktease you.

Masturbation As A Cocktease Tool

How will I decide to tease you and your cock…

Not you, gooner!  I mean me playing with my love button and my perfect pink pussy while you listen!  This is one of the times I like to flip around the whole CFNM thing.  I leave you clothed, and even have you tie yourself up so you can’t do anything to yourself. And then I strip down.  I might even add to the fun and give you a hot striptease and even a lap dance! Trust me, I can make it quite real in that mind of yours. Then I’ll  start touching myself, using my fingers to excite myself.  It’s so hot to hear me moan and to hear my breath quicken as I get wetter. If I move the phone down, you might even hear the squishy noises my wetness makes. I bet that makes you want to stroke, huh? Too bad you’re all tied up!

Face Sitting

I love making you my throne.  I’ll straddle your face and slowly lower myself down.  Give you one lick, then pop back up…two licks and back up again, teasing you with my pussy until I settle in for the ride!  Yet again, the orgasms are all mine as I sit on your face and you lick me to climax after climax. 

Cocktease While Your Worship My Breasts

Well, really not worship.  You see, I’m going to tie you to a chair, sit on your lap and bring your face into my beautiful, sexy cleavage.  But you can’t kiss, and you can’t lick.  Just sit there, smelling my perfume, feeling that soft skin, while I grind away.  I better not feel your lips or tongue.  I don’t want to have to give you a punishment spanking!

Oh, and pets, feel free to share these ideas with the Cocktease in your life!

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