“I’m into extreme edging, Mistress!” Oh how those words explode in my ear like tiny eargasms.  Tickles my mind and start my head spinning. Sitting on the edge of my seat, chin in hand, I purrr “oh, do tell!” My ears perk up and my heart starts pumping thinking of the fun ways to control a new cock!

Extreme Edging Marathon

extreme edging


I wrote a blog about a Marathon submissive training weekend. Throughout the night he was visited by one sexy Mistress about every hour. Not long sessions, short and sweet. Another hour or so and another temptress would ring him for discipline. On and on through the night. Needless to say he was in submissive heaven by daybreak.

Well, extreme edging pet what about you? Are you man enough, trained enough to endure a day or night of tease and torment? How much can you handle? Two, three, four or even five shorter calls spaced out through out  the day, or hell even the week! Giving out assignments for the day during a nice stroking session! No orgasms! Either way you play, on the last call you’ll find out if you’ve earned that orgasm.

Extreme Edging Training

If you are not quite up for a marathon day or week then training is something you should consider. Training consists of regular sessions (time table up to you) with homework, combined with lessons on how to focus on your arousal, regulating and controlling it will have you mastering the skill in no time.  I’ve had great results in just a few sessions, well, when the student took his lessons seriously, that is.

Make those self love sessions count. Learn how to edge for a better sex life.   Before you know it, you’ll be up for a marathon of your very own.

Mistress Erika
Intelligent Phone Fantasy

Hey, don’t rush off so fast! Listen to the audio for a very special treat at the very very end! XOXO

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