cocktease prison

Surely You Can’t Say No!

You’d think a smart man like you would run like hell from a woman’s cocktease prison, but you wouldn’t walk away, even if I’d allow it.

Women like me know exactly how to use your cock to put the cuffs on you and lock you away. In those rare moments when you’re in your right mind, you like to pretend you’re the master of your destiny, but you know you’re lying to yourself.

I let you pretend I’m not going to mindfuck you relentlessly with my short shorts, my skimpy top, and my little hard nipples poking out.

You don’t even mind being mindfucked. It’s the only kind of fucking a pricktease princess like me is going to be doing with you!

So you just go ahead and get your little pecker out. You know you want to. It’s all nice and hard, just the way I like it. You want to play with it, right?

If you play with it, I’ll flash you my tits. If you get me really nice and hot, I might be forced to pull down my panties and rub my wet pussy. I’d hate for you to miss that, and I know you would too!

So why are you just standing there? Don’t you want to see my cute little nips? They’re nice and hard for you. You’ve got me all excited!

Now that’s my good boy. Oh, I wish you could feel how wet I am! I can’t stop watching you stroke for me. I’m mesmerized!

Hold on now! Slow down! Don’t let me dirty talking make you cum so quickly! Oh Darn! You never even got to see my boobies! Awww. Poor thing.

You must be so embarrassed, my sweet premature ejaculator. It’s tough being tormented by a pricktease, isn’t it?

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