Mature Miss Vivian’s Blast From the Past

Greetings gents, this is Mistress Vivian from Fem Domain, and I learned the art of tease and delay when I came of age in 1974. I wonder how many of you were even alive when I learned the sexy art of the tease and delay.

If your tastes run more towards sexy young ladies with bright soprano voices, today just might be the day for you to sample the delights of a well-aged and experienced gal.

Way Back in Time

Modern young have grown up without the cultural rules of my era. Now the good night kiss isn’t on the lips. My generation was watched over and ruled by their mothers. We also had a healthy fear of disappointing our fathers. Still, those hormones coursing through our bodies had to go somewhere.

We used our womanly wiles; teasing with promises, flirting to distract the amorous, petting for hours until our lips were raw. And always, the guys begging for more and using the old trick of moaning about blue balls. I’d bet good money that you who are reading this used it, too.

Sitting on a Gold Mine

The day my Daddy told me that I was sitting on a gold mine, and not to sell it cheap, the tease in me awoke. Oh, the fun times I had in the back seats of muscle car, steaming up the windows and grinding on each other, fully clothed.
Naturally, there was a group of tramps, spreading it for a bag of White Castle belly bombers and a six-pack of wine coolers. Not this well-raised young lady with a midnight curfew.

The Art of Tease and Delay

Everyone went out on Friday nights, first descending on our favorite diners before hitting the bars, or catching the new mega hit, Godfather 3. A movie date meant two hours of clutching hands and sloppy kissing in the balcony of a cool and pitch black theater. Forty plus years later, this old gal can still remember the chills running up my spine when my hand “accidentally” slipped off his thigh and grazed across his bulging basket. That, my friends, is Tease and Delay 101.

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