Extreme Cock Teasing in the Virtual World

Extreme cock teasing happens in our Virtual World! All of the Mistresses love to cock tease, some quite relentlessly. But nakedness happens only in private sessions, not in our public spaces…until NOW.

We are having our First Ever CFNM Event

We mistresses of the Virtual World want to extend an invitation to the very FIRST CFNM event at Enchantrix Empire! This FREE event is your one and only chance to be NAKED with the clothed Mistresses in our public spaces. Now remember, for this event ONLY, you can be naked in our public spaces, so be ready to show off EVERYTHING to all! Once the party is over, the cocks are covered again!

There will be Cock Teasing and Cock Judging!

Oh yes, all of the Mistresses will have on teasing lingerie, fetish wear, sexy outfits, and likely bikinis to get and keep you hard! There may be stroking allowed. There will be time for you to show off and perform for the mistresses, staying hard as a rock! Oh…we likely will NOT allow any orgasms, just a couple hours of hard, dripping cocks!

When is this Awesome CFNM Party

When: Friday June 9th 7pm to 9pm Eastern Time

Where: Enchantrix Empire Beach

Curious about our Virtual World? Watch this Youtube Video made by Ms. Erika for a great visual. See us in action.

We will have Dashing DJ Jayden James heating up our dance floor! Be prepared to dance for and please the Mistresses! In fact, we will have dance poles for the naked men to use for entertaining the us!

If you want something to remember this amazing night by, we will have a picture taking area! Will you pose with all the Mistresses? We hope so!

There will be games to test your skills, endurance, and sense of humor. And finally we will have a cock judging contest. Will you measure up?

The Mistresses of Enchantrix Empire will be checking out and judging those naked men and a few lucky guys will win a prize for their displayed talents, enthusiasm, and entertainment value.

This is your assignment: Go to our Virtual World Blog to find how to sign up and be ready to hang out with us. Work to 5 edges, then join us!

CFNM Party

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