Teased and Frustrated tease toyI’ve become so experienced at cock teasing that I can feel it when a tease toy is getting close to orgasm, whether I’m using My hand, My feet, My mouth . . . or My pussy. That allows Me to stop just in time, or even before he gets to that head-swelling, shaft-flexing moment!

In fact, sometimes My pussy is the best tool for leaving you teased and frustrated out of all of those, depending on how horny I am. The hornier I am, the more sensitive is My pussy. The inner labia are as velvety and enlivened as flower petals. The outer labia are slightly swollen all the time. Both are perfect for laying against an agitated cock, and teasing it to even further distraction. I love to straddle you and look down into your face while I grind on you, for My pleasure. And you, tease toy? For you there is only delicious frustration. Outercourse is O/ur version of intercourse, you and I.

You’re on vagina restriction, forever.

The warm, tight, wet depths of My pussy are off limits to cock tease pets. You should have studied harder in anatomy class. When I raised the hem of My skirt and pulled My panties to the side, telling you that if you enslaved yourself to Me you could have all of what you see that you wanted, you should have known better. All you could see was the outside, the labia. So I didn’t lie. The vagina is where you’d like to bury yourself, but that’s not what I showed you, is it?Teased and Frustrated by Ms. Rachel

Oh, I might have you penetrate Me, but only with your tongue, fingers, or a strap on that sits in its harness right above your teased and frustrated cock. I especially like those masks that fit over the lower half of your face, with a plug on one side that you hold in your mouth, and a great big dong on the other. You can fuck Me with that, tease toy, any time you like. You can watch it sink into the place you ache to be allowed to put your own dong, but you have to accept that this is never going to happen. Your longing and perpetual desperation are what make you most attractive to Me, so you are consigned to permanent vagina restriction.

Understood? Good.

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