I love to get you all hot and bothered, teased and tempted into indiscretion.

I know all your buttons, all the little things that get you turned on. And I can hint and imply with just a look, a sly glance, or a simple word whispered in your ear. It’s such a thrill to me, to take you out in public and then tease and tempt you into something naughty. You get this look on your face when you’re so turned on that you can’t think… all you can do is obey, listen to my words, and just give in. It’s so easy to lead you along the path to your own utter ruin.

teased and tempted 800 356 6169When I’ve got you teased and tempted to do naughty things, I like to push the envelope a little.

There are a few lines you haven’t been willing to cross yet. But I bet I could get you teased and tempted into crossing. I just love to watch you try to cum silently, without drawing attention to yourself. So that little restaurant, with the booths. We could get a table in the back, and I can slide my foot along the inside of your thigh, nestle my toes right up under your balls. I bet I can get you hot enough to cum in your pants in public for me.

Wouldn’t you like to be just a little bit tempted?

Just think of all those things you’d like to do, but don’t feel like you can do, for one reason or another. Public humiliation games, sissy maid games, even some fun with chastity. You’ve thought about them, but you just haven’t taken the plunge. Let me tell you, I am the worst/best enabler on the planet. Combine my ‘no shame’ philosophy with my ‘why not’ attitude, and you’ll find yourself teased and tempted into the most amazing situations. How did you wind up here? Easy: you let me tempt you into it.



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