When a cock tease like me gets the opportunity to guide your masturbation, I always make sure at least one of us has an explosive good time.

Too often, though, you’re not the one exploding!

Brave enough to let Ms. Piper guide your masturbation session?

Get on your knees and SERVE!

Oh, I realize I told you before we ever got started that you’d be allowed to cum, as long as you do everything I ask, exactly as I ask. I also realize I have a reputation for always keeping my word. You probably thought your orgasm was in the bag.

Too bad cock teases like me quite often decide the usual rules don’t apply to us, and the usual rules certainly don’t apply to bitches stupid enough to let us take control.

Control to a cock tease generally involves orgasm control, and I’m not talking some simple little tease and delay session! When a cock tease takes control, she will teach you the true meaning of control. She will not ask for permission, but instead she will turn your mind to mush. Hell, she’s so good, before it’s all over you’ll be begging her not to make you cum!

Think it’s impossible for a cock tease to make you forget your own damn name? Hah. It’s so easy I can do it in my sleep.

Once I get your hand going on your cock, and I begin purring in your ear, you’ll do anything I ask. Stroke faster….slower…..slower…..FASTER….keep going!…..get to the edge…..now STOP! Start again! FASTER! STOP!

At the end of it all, I simply explain how wet my panties get when a man gets so turned on, when he needs to cum so badly, and he decides to sacrifice that orgasm to me. I tell you how many times I’ve lain in bed masturbating just thinking about your devotion and your willingness to please.

And you? Well, you end up with achy, swollen, blue balls. You’ll make the decision to deny your orgasm. For me.

Think I can’t do that to you? Well, you’re welcome to give me a call and try me. 😉



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