I love teasing you to tears over your blue balls.

I know you probably don’t enjoy getting a nice set of bright blue balls, but hot damn if I don’t love the sight of them. I’ve actually had someone use the sorry excuse for why they needed to get laid right then and there that if they didn’t their poor backed up testicles would actually rupture. I didn’t fall for it then, and that excuse won’t work on me now. You won’t really suffer all that much from delayed orgasm, fellas. In fact, it’s good for you to delay that big ‘O’ for a while.

800 601 7259 blue balls Just because you don’t like getting blue balls, doesn’t mean they’ll really harm you much.

Here’s the skinny on blue balls: any ejaculate that you build up in your testicles that isn’t released through ejaculation is reabsorbed into your body, no harm, no foul. You’ll feel a little sore, kinda cranky, and your delicate feefees will be hurt, but as for actual medical harm? Yeah, no. Being denied an orgasm won’t hurt you at all!

Blue balls are good for you!

You need to take it nice and slow and not worry so much about when you get to orgasm, because that race to the finish line isn’t doing you any favors. The more often you sit and whack one off super fast, the harder it’ll be for you to last in the sack with any woman, ever. You’re training your body to be a fast cummer, and, on behalf of all your lovers: stop that. Take it slow and work on relearning how to delay your orgasm. If that delay comes at the cost of a set of nice bright blue balls, so be it! The benefit is worth the ache in your nuts.

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