Ass Worship

Mistress Brighton loves ass worship, and locking up your cock. 1-800-601-6975

Chirp, chirp, chirp! All day long you sit in the custom built birdcage I had made for you, with a very different kind of cage locking up your cock. I watch you as you swing back and forth on your little swing, whistling and chirping (which to me sounds more like a really deep squawking) hoping for the day that I might let you out of at least one of those cages. Well today you are in luck. That’s right, Miss Brighton is going to let you out, because today is ass worship day!

Ass Worship for Denied Slaves

I just really feel the need to have your nice, warm tongue licking all around my rosebud, your face buried between my round cheeks. A beautiful ass like mine deserves to be worshiped, and you’re going to do just that, slut. If you do a good job, I might let you out of your cock cage. Awww, were you hoping your freedom meant you might also get that cock free? That is a privilege that must be earned. Now chop, chop! Assume the position, and eat my ass!

Is the Cock Cage Fitting a Little Snug

Yes, that’s it boy, lick it. Enjoy the taste and feel of me grinding my ass into your face. Good boy, you’re very skilled with that tongue. I hear a whimpering chirp coming from you and look down. Ah, that cock is straining to be set free. Would you like me to take the key that dangles between my perky breasts, and unlock your “little bird?” Ah ah ah! You haven’t finished licking my ass, and I’ve yet to cum from your efforts. Of course, I might not ever let you out. As a matter of fact, the chances of me putting you back into your little tweety cage are very high. But hey, at least you got to please your mistress as a treat, right little bird? *giggle*


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