You say “No more cock teasing.” Really?

I know you can handle more!

I LOVE cock teasing a man, and getting him to the point that he’s panting and gasping and whimpers that he ‘can’t take anymore’ teasing! Honestly, if you can still form a sentence, I haven’t cock teased you enough. Your big brain is still working, and I want only that little brain, in your cock head, to be able to be operating.

But I’m Not Done Yet!

What fun is cock teasing if I give in to your needs and desires? Your desperation to empty your balls, to shoot your load? Men can’t resist teasing, but they want it on their terms. My desire is to tease you more, to turn you into a purse tease toy, where every thought, every feeling is completely focused on the pleasurable torment I am thoroughly enjoying visiting upon you. Watching that cock head turn purple and pulse, dripping a torrent of precum. Reaching down, grabbing those balls, and feeling them swell in my hand as they churn out more and more spunk. Well, not actually OUT… just churning!

You will take more cock teasing.

When he says, “I can’t take anymore. Please! Mistress!” that’s when I’m glad I have him restrained! You see, he will take more from me…and more…and more…until all that’s coming out of his mouth are whimpers, gasps and groan, maybe the occasional scream! And then, when his little brain has taken over for him, that’s when I finally finish him off and laugh while he wiggles and bucks as I drain every last drop of cum out of his tormented, blue and aching balls!

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