I cuckold My husband!

I cuckold My husband!

Dancing is a great way to cuckold and tease the man you love.

It’s ideal, because there will always be tease and denial on the dance floor. You can’t really hear a person talk with the music playing loud, so the way the body moves really is the only language. Swinging my hips from side to side rhythmically and staring at a man will always attract the attention of every male in the room.

Then, I run my fingers softly over my breasts while closing my eyes.

I lift up my arms, then, while dancing, to give the illusion that I am completely helpless. I move in slow but calculated movements to the beat, until I feel a male either in front of me or behind me. Now, I typically like to see the face of the person I am dancing with, but there is something highly erotically charged about a man you don’t know grinding up against your ass. I always feel the intensity of my husband’s gaze when this happens. He loves it when I cuckold him in public.

Also, I have no idea what the stranger looks like, and yet I can feel his cock against me.

This is only exciting when a guy has a large enough cock that I can feel him grinding up against me. If I can’t feel him, then I definitely don’t want his tiny penis rubbing against me. Large cocked men only need apply here. Sometimes, the man becomes so frisky that I feel he could almost cum in his pants. I still have no idea what he looks like.

He lightly rubs his hands against my breasts the first time.

He does it quickly, hoping I don’t really notice. Of course I notice, it sends electricity down my spine. Then, he becomes a little more confident and starts rubbing my breasts. The night club is packed, but my husband is still watching the action. The tease and denial of watching me with another man is not so much for the guy, as much as it is for my husband. This is the point where I invite the guy back to my house. No guy I’ve ever played with has ever cared that I have a husband at this point. They are just happy that they are getting laid.

Happy Hunting!

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