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Poor Little Cock Locked Boy!

You love to be teased, but are you ready to be locked up and teased by Mistress Piper?

I’m a very special tease Mistress. I am utterly unmoved by your begging, pleading, and crying. Truth be told, I love to see your tears rolling down your face. Sometimes I even take the tip of my tongue and lick them right off your flushed cheeks. Yummm, tastes like desperation to me!

You were stupid enough to get into a room alone with me. You were even more stupid to get naked with me. And now, look at you: your cock all locked up, the key glinting around my neck.

You are truly and utterly fucked now that I own your cock. I’m not a Mistress who gives up her possessions easily. When I begin slinking out of my clothes and piling my silky lingerie on your lap, oh things are going to get a bit tight in that little cage.

What’s that sweetie? The sight of my naked body makes it unbearable in that chastity cage? We should probably blindfold you then.

Of course, my naked breasts pressed up against your throat and shoulders while I reach around behind you to tie it might cause a bit of discomfort.

Especially if I rub my nipples on your lips.

Uh, uh, uh! No tongue allowed! My boyfriend is the only one allowed to suck my tight little nipples, and lick my pretty pink pussy.

If you’re a good boy, I might allow you to listen, though. I’m sure hearing my moans of pleasure won’t make your cock ache while it’s confined. But then again, chastity and cock torture go so well together!

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