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I’m in the mood for a tease!

You have a dire leg fetish, don’t you? You can barely stand it when I wear my stockings and oh, so slowly uncross and cross my legs. A nylon tease makes you positively whimper!

Do you like that little lacy part at the top of my stockings? You know, the part that lets you know that above this line is creamy, soft, moist flesh? Your pupils are dilating, so I’ll take that as a yes!

I have such a treat for you. I’m going to let you feel silky nylon on that bulging and straining cock. It’s going to be such a sensual experience!

Put on my pantyhose. You heard me. Put. On. My. Pantyhose. You want to have that sensual nylon experience, don’t you?

Put them on, and I’ll touch your cock. Aha! Now that got your attention!

Lay down on the bed, and let me tie your hands and feet to the posts. Now you’re my helpless little tease slut!

You know what I really like? Taking off all my clothes, except my sexy stockings and heels, and then straddling your thigh and riding it.

You don’t seem to mind it either! Can you feel my wetness soaking through your pantyhose?

And now, I take my long nails and lightly slide them up and over the tip of your cock. Ooh, your cock wanted to jump around, didn’t it? Too bad it’s all bound up in these pantyhose.

You’re trembling! Oh, that is SO GOOD. You keep that up, and I’m going to cum all over your leg!

I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll tease your cock through your pantyhose, and you can try to make me cum with your thigh. If you make me cum enough, I’ll think about allowing you to have a little orgasm.

You don’t mind sucking cum out of pantyhose, do you?

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