A good humiliation tease can be so much fun!

I love what happens when you get just a little bit embarrassed. Your endocrine system is used for both embarrassment and arousal, so when you’re embarrassed, it feels just like being turned on! And since I know that, I can use it to my advantage when I’m teasing you. A humiliation tease is where I figure out something that is embarrassing to you, and then link that embarrassment to a little tease. Your arousal goes through the roof, and that’s where my fun begins.

humiliation tease 800 356 6169When I figure out what makes you squirm, that’s where the humiliation tease begins.

Maybe you’re embarrassed by how easy it is to get you aroused. Maybe you’re turned on by the idea of being naked while I’m still fully dressed, maybe having you masturbate for me both turns you on and makes you blush. Maybe I like seeing you blush and squirm and then reach down to adjust that suddenly hard cock.

Whatever it is that turns you on, I’ll find it, and then I’m going to use it to play my humiliation tease game.

I love teasing you when you’re turned on and desperate. Seeing you beg and squirm and ache for me is a rush, and knowing that all I have to do is find that thing that makes you blush.  I know you’re a dirty little slut for me, and I know you love being my tease whore. I’ll remind you of how desperate you look, how debauched, how fucking dirty you really are. And then, when you blush, and stammer, and get so hungrily humiliated? Well, that’s where we’re going to stay for a while. You and me, playing this humiliation game over and over again.

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