Summer is the perfect time to exercise your voyeuristic streak.

As people start stripping down for summer, bringing out short shorts, mini skirts and crop tops, and tons of other deliciously revealing garments, voyeurs across the globe go into a frenzy of anticipation. Hoping that the next time that gorgeous coed bends over, or a breeze blows by that itty, bitty, mini skirt, they’ll get a flash of something scandalous.LillyFull

However, few things beat the opportunity to perv out on a visual buffet of scantily clad beautiful young women by going to the beach, or a pool party.

Nearly nude bodies as far as the eye can see.

Whenever I go the pool or beach with my girlfriends, we have a blast teasing the poor little pervs whose bulging eyes are probably bigger than their dicks. It’s slapstick comedy gold watching them crash into lounge chairs, tumble into the pool or trip over beach toys–merely because they can’t stop staring as we lotion each other up, or adjust the ties on our string bikinis.

My personal favorite is seeing the way their tongues are practically lolling out of their heads while trying to figure out if I’m actually wearing anything under my sheer lace cover up. (FYI, that lace cover up, paired with my nude bandeau bikini, is the reason why three life guards have already fallen off their stands this summer).

I love seeing just how hard a cock tease can make things on poor little pervy voyeurs!

Have you ever run across a cock tease at the beach or pool?


Do you have a voyeuristic streak?

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