A Cocktease MILF

Let’s play a game my pet…

You all know I’m a cocktease MILF, and there’s nothing I enjoy more than teasing and denying a hard horny cock.  So, let’s get you naked, and laying down on your back.  Hands behind your head, and legs spread.  You will not move, I don’t have to get out my bondage tape and tie you down, do I?  I will start teasing that cock by slowing stroking it, up and down, softly, barely a touch.  I’ll stroke faster and harder until that first drop of precum drips out of the head.  Then I’ll stop and wait until you go soft.  Now, the real cockteasing starts….

The Cocktease Mistress’ Orgasmic Dice

I’ll start stroking you again until we get another drop of pre-cum bubbled up, right at the tip of that head. Then I’ll reach over and grab my cocktease dice and roll.  Let’s see what happens…if I roll a (see # below) then we’ll:

  1. Wait for you to go soft again and start all over.
  2. Keep teasing you until you are on the edge and wait for you to go soft…and start all over!
  3. Wait for you to go soft…and then lock your cock away and deny you!
  4. Wait for you to go soft, tease you again until you are leaking and throw the dice to see if…and how…you’ll cum (see the next section)
  5. Tease you to the edge of orgasm and wait for you to go soft, and then leave you denied
  6. Throw the dice to see if…and how you’ll cum (see the next section)

Will The Dice Let You Cum

If you’ll cum, and just how you cum isn’t even up to me this time, it’s all up to my lucky orgasmic dice.  So, tell me, slut, do you feel lucky?

  1. Ruin your orgasm all over your body and lick it all up
  2. Ruin your orgasm in your hand – of course you’re licking that all up!
  3. Oh, you have to go soft again, before I tease you one last time…to a ruined orgasm of course
  4. Full orgasm – lucky you!  You will eat your cum though!
  5. I’m going to simply make you let go and wait until you go soft, then I’ll tell you to try again tomorrow!
  6. I’ll wait for you to go soft again… then I’ll have you jerk off to an explosive orgasm!

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