Sensual teasing for your cock by Mistress Brighton.Sensual Teasing For Intense Orgasmic Pleasure

There isn’t anything I love more than getting inside your head, finding out what makes you tick, and teasing you until your cock is throbbing hard and begging for release. I’m not just talking about my coquettish smile, as I’m sitting across from you at a public coffee shop. Seductively eating a bag of potato chips while I rub my freshly lacquered, cherry red toes, up and down my smooth, sexy shin. I enjoy a deeper connection and a much more intense form of teasing. Not that public teasing isn’t fun. There’s more to teasing than just wearing that super short, denim mini, and drawing attention to my legs. And I do get a giggle out of watching you spill your triple espresso latte all over the front of your suit and tie, because you were trying to figure out whether or not I was wearing panties. I’m referring to a more sensual teasing. That pleasurable, intense throbbing build up, keeping you on the edge, and not allowing you to cum, until you’ve received my express permission to do so.

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