Guided Masturbation from Mistress Piper

So many places to lick that cum off me!

I’ve decided we‘ll have a little guided masturbation today, with a little twist. You’re not allowed to use your hands!

There are so many ways we can get you off, don’t worry about that. I’m so excited about all of them. I love it when you entertain me! Here, I rolled up a towel for you. Hump that for me while I figure out the next thing I’ll allow you to hump.

It’s not too humiliating to hump a towel, is it? I thought you said you’d do anything to please me!

I love watching your masturbation sessions, your bare rump bouncing up and down. Makes me want to slap it. Yee haw! Ride that towel, dirty boy!

Awwww, is humping a towel embarrassing you? Why don’t we switch to something more sensual? Hump my boots! Get down on your knees, straddle my boot, and rub your cock on it. That’s better! The soft leather feels so much better than that old rough towel.

Lick your precum off my boot! You’re not going to smear that on my favorite boots without cleaning it up!

Good boy! I love it when you’re so obedient. Keep this up, and I’ll slide this boot off and, if you’re really lucky, let you hump my bare foot!

Show me how you’re my good boy, how much you’re happy to be humping whatever I tell you to hump. Beg me to let your cock touch my sexy feet. Beg, boy! Beg!

You’re in luck! I’ve decided to let you cum today! Besides, how else can I make you eat your own cum? Lick cum off my feet!



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