Chastity Can Be Rewarding

Do you think you can earn a reward?

Keeping a pet in chastity is so rewarding for me.  I get to tease and torment his locked up cock – and you know what a turn on that is for a MILF Cocktease like me!  Better yet, I get to have him pleasure me in any way I want!  One of the top reasons to keep a submissive in chastity is so that their mind is focused on where it should be – their Mistress’ pleasure!  There is a fun thing I like to do with those chastity slaves.  It contains positive reinforcement, because, if they can keep their efforts on my pleasure, I will reward them…eventually!

Orgasms For Reward

Not yours, chastity slave!  Your reward will be one orgasm.  When is that orgasm going to come?  Well, that’s all up to you and just how talented that tongue has become.  We’ll start by getting you naked, and then locking that cock up!  Your sentence is 100 days of chastity, but just like any good prison warden, I’m going to give you a chance to earn some time off for good behavior.  I’ll lower my glistening, pink pussy to your face, and say one word…”Lick.”  Oh, you dive right in there, start licking my lips, and flicking your tongue right over my clit.  I’m going to sit here for the next 60 minutes, and we’ll see just how many times you can get me off!

One Orgasm = One Day

That right pussy slut, the way to earn your good time is by making me cum!  Every orgasm you give me means one less day you have to suffer in chastity.  When we’re done with my hour of Queening, I’ll take that cage off, grab that cock and start stroking.  For every orgasm you give me, you’ll get 2 edges.  Kind of a rough way to earn your own orgasm isn’t it?  Oh, not the oral worship, I know you love that, but the fact that, if you’re very good with that tongue, if you really want to shorten up your chastity sentence, you’re going to have to endure some many hard, tormenting edges.  When we’re done, back on goes the cage.  And we’ll try this again tomorrow!

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