Let’s face it, the Mistresses of LDW are professional Cock Teases.  They are exceptional at getting your blood pumping and your heart racing.  Who wouldn’t want a sexy Mistress teasing their cock and bringing pleasurable torment?  Not to mention, cock teasing also has its health benefits.  It can help increase your stamina, which will in turn increase pleasure for you and your partner.  If you are interested in being teased by a knowledgeable  Masturbatrix, one that will guide you and build in you enough sexual tension you will be begging for orgasm, visit our Teasing Phone Sex website.  Let our Mistresses make your balls ache.

Check Out These Mistresses Who Are Also Well Versed in the Art of Teasing

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Mistress Alyssa of Prick Tease Princess

“Yeah, it does make me happy to prick tease you, and it does get my creative – and other – juices flowing, but one of my favorite ways to tease your cock is while I’m sitting on your face!”

Mistress Brighton of Enchantrix Tease

“There isn’t anything I love more than getting inside your head, finding out what makes you tick, and teasing you until your cock is throbbing hard, and begging for release.”

Mistress Kellie of Erotic Denial

“I know just how to take your cock in hand, and how to have you stroke so we get the most intense, powerful edges out of that cock.”

Mistress Lisa of Femme Fatale Mistress

“When your balls are aching from being on the receiving end of a prick teasing Mistress like me, the need to cum is so overwhelming that you will beg and plead for me to give you permission.”


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