You know I love leading you on. Allowing your fantasies and desires to take precedent over logic so you deceive yourself into thinking you actually have a chance to be with me. I want you to begin aching for nothing but female flesh. You will like the way a woman’s naked body looks as she dangles her sexuality in front of you…so close yet so far away.

Get naked on your knees to stroke cock

Attacking your sensibilities, exploiting your vulnerabilities and neutering you is so sexy. In fact, I believe it’s time to prepare you for dry-humping. You think because you have a cock that you’re entitled to fuck? Guess again! The only entitlement you qualify for is to get naked and on your knees to stroke your cock. Since resources are limited and austerity just around the corner I suggest you start now.

Are you afraid of rejection or possibly temptation? Giving is so much better than receiving and sharing is fundamental…so continue to stroke your saliva-wet cock and get ready to cum like a firehouse.

I need to tease your cock prove to me you can handle it

Pleasure yourself until you can’t stand it anymore. Stroke your cock…up and down, up and down, up and down. By now you will feel your body tensing up as your strokes become increasingly deliberate moving you closer toward the edge of relief.

Are you ready to feel that sweet release? Like a cum gun, squirting thick, hot, generous jizz as your hand clenches that slippery cock. I know your thoughts are racing and your mind confused. But if you really want to create an erotic connection between the two of us I need to tease your cock and you need prove to me you can handle it!

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