You will learn to LOVE IT!

You love being cockteased don’t you?

It’s almost humiliating to you how much you enjoy being teased without having release.  You love the feeling and ache of blue balls.   Well, then I have the perfect roleplays for the two of us.  I imagine going to the hottest dance club like I did when I was in college.   I still had the hot body that I have now, except I was just out of high school and ready to go.

I would wear flirty little skirts that almost showed my panties when I twirled.

I still love dancing, but I was Quite the cockteasing little slut  back then.    I would find a guy I liked and rub my pretty little ass up and down on his pants.  I would continue to rub until he got nice and hard in public.

 Now, he was pretty much stuck to me until he was able to lose his erection.

Ha!   I never let him lose it because I was so busy rubbing my cute bottom against it.  I took his hands and put them right on my tummy.   Then, I lifted my hands up in the air while I danced seductively.   I have never danced with a man that did not take the bait.

I would feel  him raise his eager fingers to my breasts.   Can you imagine music thumping to the beat and feeling me up while your hard cock rubs against my ass.   Fully clothed, I felt him twitch and make the sounds of losing absolute control.

What a LOSER!!

Can you imagine  jizzing in your pants from My cocktease?

Talk about a  humiliating event!!

I love combining humiliation and cockteasing.  I look forward to creating a cockteasing roleplay just for You!




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