I know many of you enjoy being directed and love to have a woman like me in control of all things that have to do with your orgasms. Although I am not a fan of orgasm or chastity schedules I am a huge fan of stroking and edging schedules.

When can you stroke

Your stroking schedule will be determined by your personal life and what you have going on in your world. I will direct you on how many times a day or week you are to stroke for me and give suggestions on how to stroke for me, I will totally be in full control of your masturbation habits!

Stroking and Cumming

Now just because I said you can stroke does not mean you can cum! I decided when and IF you get to cum. You will follow my stroking schedule and when I feel the time is right or you beg to cum good enough I will grant you permission. But it must be done with me I cannot have you stroking and Cumming unsupervised.

Will it be intense?

It depends on what your typical habits are. I mean if someone stroked 150 times a day now I am not sure there is enough time in the day to add to that but there are ways to make it intense such as stroking assignments with how to stroke, where to stroke or even what to stroke too. For those of you who are light weights in the stroking and edging department well I will be sure to increase your stroking to the point you will be begging to speak to me for a chance at an orgasm!

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