Listen to Ms LillyI Love Making you Ache.

I am just really in a cockteasing mood lately. It’s the teasing and the desperation that get me. I especially enjoy having a submissive who is there for a first time guided masturbation session. They really have no idea what to expect. A lot of them come to me thinking it’s going to be a quick wanking session. They think a guided masturbation call means I say “Stoke” and they’ll jerk off until they cum. Oh, how wrong they are!

What To Expect When I Guide Your Masturbation

When I get a whisper from one of our lovely dispatchers and they tell me “He wants a guided masturbation session”, the wheels in my pretty head start turning. After we’ve exchanged pleasantries, I may ask you if you expect to cum at the end of the call, want to be denied, or are going to leave it up to me (here’s a hint, sluts, I LOVE it when you leave it up to me!). Then I’ll tell you to get naked, and more often than not, have you kneel. I want you to imagine we’re in my playroom, and you are naked and kneeling on the floor before me as I sit on my throne, your hard cock already throbbing. Maybe some pre-cum is already collecting at the tip, in anticipation.

Expect Lots Of Teasing

What kind of cocktease would I be if I didn’t tease your cock? I’ll have you start stroking, and I’ll tell you how fast. I usually start slow, so I can build you up, and get those balls churning, producing all that wonderful cream. I’ll tell you when you can speed up – it might not be until you hit that first edge. You do know what an edge is, don’t you? It’s the wonderful feeling you get when you’re just one or two strokes away from shooting your wad. I wonder, will it still be wonderful when I tell you to stop? It might be the first couple of times, but by the fourth or fifth edge? You’re all desperate to cum by then! Begging, pleading, whining. Oh, I do hope you left your orgasm up to my whim. Only when you’ve begged enough, only when you’ve satisfied me, will I possibly say the word you’ve been longing to hear. “CUM!”

Listen to Ms Lilly

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