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I have no choice; when I see your needy face I feel an intense desire to tease you until you go mad.

Take out your cock and show it to me. I want to know what I’m working with here.

How do you feel about your cock? Are you proud of it? Do you get lots of compliments? Does it ever even see the light of day when a woman is in the vicinity?

Is that why you get so turned on when I tell you to show me your cock on cam? Is that why you can barely contain yourself while you stroke for Mistress?

Do it now. Show me your dick and tug it until you hit the edge. Don’t you dare cum before I let you!

Is that the best you’ve got? Well, the good news is I haven’t had ONE thought of getting dirty with you. I don’t screw around with stroker boys who show off on cam.

It’s pretty pathetic that a grown man does something like this, you know. What kind of man gets addicted to masturbation?

A man like you, that’s who! Since I know your secrets, I’ll never be sexually attracted to you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dream!

Look at my picture. What do you see? What places would you like to stick your cock? My mouth? My ass? My pussy? I want you to tell me all of your hot fantasies of you and me.

Hah! It’s NEVER going to happen! You are, and always will be, a poor pathetic compulsive cock stroker. It’s impossible for me to ever take you seriously!

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