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Ms. Piper, Natural Cocktease

How much teasing can you endure before you lose control and start begging to the point of tears?

I love being a cocktease mistress, and I love making men beg. Your desperation exhilarates me; I can’t get enough of it! You’re addicted to cockteasing, and so am I. Albeit, my addiction takes a slightly different form from yours. You love the tease and denial–I love tormenting you.

You beg to cum, but I know what you really want. You’d be disappointed with a simple tug and squirt. What you really want is a week or two of relentless descriptions of me touching my perky little tits and hard little nipples. I know what you really want to do is please me by postponing your pleasure and your release.

You know your begging makes my panties wet, and you’ll sacrifice just about anything to be the one to arouse me.

The last time I had a man strung up by his begging balls, I couldn’t wait to get off that call so I could *ahem* not deny myself! Don’t you want to be the next one to drive me crazy?

Here is my challenge to you: Take your hand out of your pants (don’t try to pretend you’re not playing with yourself!) and use those sticky fingers for dialing. I promise to let you stroke on our call, don’t you worry. I’ll make you edge over and over until your cock is positively dripping.

I’m a natural cocktease. I will feel your desperation, and your need will get my juices flowing. Of course, once my juices get going, I’ll be needing more, more, more.

I need more excitement, more begging, more torture, more agony. I want your tears; your tears make me wet. Don’t you want to make me wet?

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