Cindy has revoked your man cardYour official man card has been revoked. That’s right, it has. Which means no more unwanted comments when given orders. There should come a time when all you need to do is surrender your will in all arguments to your mistress. Because in the end I will get the last word.

If not, then you will obey me and get down on both knees and kiss my feet. Now apologize to your mistress. Good boy you learn quickly. I have a surge of power and ownership over you it’s time you take your surrendering to me to a new level.

I want you to kneel and kiss each toe individually. Kiss, kiss, kiss. Now kiss the ball of each foot in very gentle chaste licks of the base of each toe. You must always be open to whatever comes your way. I will also dress you real pretty in a pink and white sissy maid outfit with pink lipstick.

I want to sexually torture your cock and balls

Rule number one you must always enter the room demurely and with a mind that is flexible enough to satisfy your Goddess immediate wants and needs. You will have self-discipline. You are demure, circumspect and always remain flexible.

You need to be in a state of non-attachment. Because practicing non-attachment when in the presence of your Goddess will allow you to better serve me well. And if you are ever naughty I will be forced to drag you to my punishment chair where you will get naked and I will sexually torture your cock and balls.

Feel as I begin to pull down on your testicles before squeezing them. While squeezing your balls I will manipulate them in the palm of my hand, causing them to rub slightly against one another. Can you feel that sharp shooting pain all the way to your abdomen? Lucky for you I’m feeling sexually creative. Prepare yourself for more penis torture.

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