Lucky you…I’m feeling super daring today and I want Mr. Penis feeling good so I’m going to gently stroke it for you. What’s the catch, you say? Well…we’re together here in a crowded room…you’re trying your best to look innocent and stare straight ahead trying to not be so obvious.

Isn’t it sexy erotic that I can play with your cock while an unsuspecting crowd just goes about its business completely oblivious to what we’re up to? Do you think anyone is going to notice your boner sticking out and pointing the way to the North Star?

Hmmm, do you think if I drop my panties onto the floor you’ll be able to reach down and grab it with that raging hard-on leading the way? I doubt it. Now follow me so we can discretely go into the adjoining room. You probably feel like your cock is almost ready to explode…that’s good. Then you are right where I need you to be. I really want you to play with your cock for me.

Stroke Your Pulsating Cock For Me

You stand and stare at me…I stand before you giving you your next nonverbal command. With my wagging, clenched fist I give you the internationally-recognized jerk-off sign while you’re in a trance.

The sexual tension is definitely building. Close your eyes…savor the image of my beautiful, well defined body in your mind. I whisper sweetly into your ear how much you’re turning me on and how much I wish it was me stroking that pulsating penis.

I massage your inner thighs and tease your scrotum. Your balls are boggy and heavy and saturated with newly-manufactured cum. I know you love to feel this way…excited yet soothed…I want to keep you hanging on like this a little longer.

Go ahead, continue stroking it harder and faster…feels so good, doesn’t it? Now say my name and tell me how badly you want to cum: “Oh, Mistress Cindy, I feel incredibly hot and under your control while I masturbate for you.” Good, you’re finally ready…now cum!

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