Cuckold, prove to Ms Cindy you have sucking skillsWith so many pictures of cock in my collage they all begin to look the same…but that’s understandable, right?  Then, out of seemingly nowhere, I received an interesting cock shot and I just had to see if it was real or Photoshopped.

I decided to surprise one of my favorite subbies…I showered and put on something very sexy.  I started with my cream-color lacy push up bra that is perfect for my perky boobs and of course a matching thong panty.  I enjoy looking incredibly sexy; so I selected a red dress that hugged my beautiful curvaceous figure and fell to just a few inches above my knee exposing a pair of sexy stems.

Soon thereafter I heard a knock at the door…it was…well, let’s just call this bull “naked penis” for now…okay?  He is tall, wearing loose cotton pants and an open shirt and he truly was everything I imagined…he did not photo shop anything!  Little did my subbie know, however, that my intention this whole time was to make him my cuckold in this triad?

Mistress takes control of subbie

I tend to be a very direct person…I won’t hesitate to grab a man’s hand and place it in between my legs so he can feel my warm, moist excitement.  I placed my hands on his crotch, pressed hard, and watched as the bull’s trouser snake got bigger and harder.  This is when I noticed you staring at the bull getting aroused as a jealous cuckold by the events unfolding before you. I smiled and looked into his beautiful blue eyes and without missing a beat I grabbed his throbbing cock in my hand, turned to you, and said: “Prove to me you have sucking skills.”  Your ears perked up and I knew right then you would obey me…it’s not hard to tell when a subbie sniffs out an opportunity to taste a bull’s cock meat.

Sissy easily submits to cock naturally

You will begin by grabbing his cock and guiding it into your mouth, now run your tongue over the knobby penis head and then lick the shaft.  Lick it all over and then open your mouth and take that engorged head in your mouth…sucking rhythmically and repeatedly.  While you do that gently pinch his scrotum and vigorously shake the sack to tease his nuts. What a good little sissy cuckold. You are expertly sucking that bull dry.  I want you to enjoy this sissy side of you and realize how natural and easy it is for you to submit to cock.

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