Hand over your submission and the teasing will be intense

Sex with submission is an explosive combination whether you are a male submissive or novice wanna-be with hard dick in hand. I want you to clearly understand and fully appreciate that a newly created Mistress/male submissive relationship will be the genesis of more intense and satisfying sex for you.

Your sexual fantasies and creativity juices will not only be focused on being tied up and fucked, but will also encompass ideas you have yet to even contemplate…I want you to allow yourself to explore your sexuality in greater depth and with new perspectives. The Mistress/male submissive relationship is very special and by participating in this unique bond you will learn more about who you are, what you care about most, and what is truly meaningful in your life.

You should already know that submitting to a strong woman is an intense experience. You will be training and learning how to properly eat pussy while getting fucked, being dominated, manipulated, tied up, and punished. I expect you to surrender yourself to female domination with eagerness and commitment.  By the time I’m done with you…you will learn how to serve women.

Grab your aching cock

I am your Mistress and you are my submissive…not so hard to understand, but not so easy to fulfill. I want you to experience something different…and in front of me naked with your cock completely exposed. You want to reach out and grab my breasts, pinch my nipples and then suckle, isn’t that true? Can you feel yourself getting excited by merely reading my words?

I imagine staring deeply into your eyes and grabbing your aching hard cock. Are you wondering what I plan to do with you next? Well, I like to torture cock. I am going to further arouse you by getting in a V position, naked and straddling you with my clit in your face.

I know just how sensitive you are in the area around your anus and testicles….hold still because you’re going to like it as I grab the base of your erect penis and massage the area with my finger. You would really like this, I’m sure. If you are a good boy and you achieve and maintain a full, firm erection. I might just allow you to cum for me.

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